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Some thoughts on posting HU hand histories

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    Default Some thoughts on posting HU hand histories

    Poker is a very interesting game where many different styles of play can result in a significant edge on your opponents. HU is especially cool because preflop guidelines are cloudy and play becomes different than 6-max or FR when most players are playing more than 50% of their hands.

    With that said, i want to emphasize how important it is to post any and ALL reads on your opponent you have and any and all thoughts on how he perceives your style of play. These are very important factors in determining right action in your poker hand, and if you do not explain these things you will probably get bad advice or no advice at all.

    Just want to help.

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    Check out the new blog!!!
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    Here are links to the most helpful and popular articles written by our own forum members for players of short-handed NL hold'em.

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