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READ BEFORE POSTING: Short-Handed NL Hold-em Forum

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    Default READ BEFORE POSTING: Short-Handed NL Hold-em Forum

    General Guidelines
    This forum is for all material that relates to (online) short handed no limit hold'em strategy between $50nl and $600nl.

    Posting Hand Histories
    Please follow this short list of rules to keep your moderator happy:

    1. All posted hand histories should be converted. You can use the FTR Hand Converter or simply use the 2+2 converted format provided by Hold'em Manager and Poker Tracker. Hand histories containing screen names of opponents will be edited or deleted without notice.

    2. Don't post results. Cut hand histories at the critical decision point. Results should only be revealed later in the thread if it's relevant for further strategic discussion.

    3. Always include relevant reads and/or stats on your opponents whenever possible, but don't make it tl;dr.

    If you have never posted in a poker forum, then you are advised to read the stickies in the Beginners Circle:
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