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NL100. JJ against limp and 3-bet

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    Default NL100. JJ against 3-bet

    Grabbed by Holdem Manager
    NL Holdem $1(BB) Replayer
    SB ($352)
    BB ($101)
    UTG ($147)
    UTG+1 ($101)
    CO ($109)
    Hero ($161)

    CO posts $1
    CO posts $0.50

    Dealt to Hero

    fold, fold, CO checks, Hero raises to $5, fold, fold, CO raises to $14, Hero calls $11

    FLOP ($32)

    CO bets $21, Hero calls $21

    TURN ($74)

    CO checks, Hero checks

    RIVER ($74)

    CO bets $72.30 (AI)

    Villain - 24/19, 3bet 10%, cbet 91%, agr 2.6, 280 hands.

    I think that my opponent has a polarized range. That's why, I didn't 4-bet.

    Flop is standart call with pair+FD.

    I except АА, КК w/o heart on the turn. I think that his range contains from flush, AA, KK, AQ with heart and bluffs. I check, because no value in my bet.

    River. I think that his range contains from a few monsters and many bluffs, since, call?
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    No limpers ITT.

    River decision needs more reads, but I probably couldn't find a fold here.

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    What good hands would you ever x back this turn and then call a shove on this river with?

    If the answer is none, your line is super exploitable.
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    4bet/call preflop 25-26$ or shove
    as played i think id call the river

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