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ITT: poor deepstack play

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    Default ITT: poor deepstack play

    Game NLH .25/.50
    Effective stacks $85
    Villain is a very Aggro, pretty loose reg. We have some raise/reraise dynamic so far but have mostly been picking on fish at the table.

    I have 3bet him a handful of times including one hand in the last 4. Also, there is a poster this hand to explain his preflop raise sizing.

    UTG(Villain) raises to $2.75
    UTG+1(Hero) re-raises to 6.75 with
    CO folds
    BTN folds
    SB folds
    BB folds
    Villain re-raises to 13.50
    Hero calls.

    Pot is 28.25


    Villain bets $16.75 (Pot is 47.00)
    Hero Raises? Calls with a plan to jam all non board pairing turns?

    If you raise, what sizing? If you call, are we jamming even if Villain bets into us again?

    I'd definitely raise here some of the time with premium hands, expecting Villain to ship a lot of bluffs and his few made sets. There also seem to be merits for just calling here too with premiums and with the nut flush draw and overs against a range that in my estimation should contain a handful of bluffs, if not a large majority.
    [00:29] <daven> dc, why not check turn behind
    [00:30] <DC> daven
    [00:30] <DC> on my hand?
    [00:30] <daven> yep
    [00:30] <DC> because I am drunk
    [00:30] <daven> nice reason
    [00:30] <daven> no further questions
    [00:30] <yaawn> ^^Lol

    Problem officer...?
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    I'd call flop and call/check turn.

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