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$20 NLHE Full Ring: call here or not ?

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    Default $20 NLHE Full Ring: call here or not ?

    I don't have much on villain but I've played quite a few hands with him and he seems competent although he does play some hands strangely. For instance sometimes he won't cbet with tptk and he doesn't cbet an awful lot. Plus I've often seen him just call an ep raise with AK,AA etc. It's basically difficult to know where you stand in a pot with him.

    UTG ($20)
    MP - Hero ($24.36)
    CO ($43)
    BTN ($38.20)
    SB ($20)
    BB - Villain (£20)

    Hero is dealt 10h,10c

    Preflop ($0.30)
    1 fold, hero raises to $0.60, 2folds, SB calls $0.60, Villain raises to $2.80, Hero calls, 1 fold

    Flop ($5.89) is Qd,7c,2s
    Villain bets $3.10, Hero calls

    Turn ($11.78) is 9c
    Villain checks, hero checks

    River ($11.78) is 6h
    Villain bets $14.10 and is all in, hero??

    First off is it fine to call the 3bet here? It looks like it could be a squeeze but this guy is pretty unpredictable so really don't know what he has. Then once I've called the 3bet, I call the flop cbet as there is only 1 overcard, it is only a 1/2 psb and he could easily have AK here or some random hand. Is the call ok? He then checks the turn which I obviously like as it looks like he may have given up with the hand, I check back for some pot control. The river is a blank and my plan was to call his bet but I didnt expect it to be an all in bet. At this point I'm thinking this has to be complete air or a set of queens. I can definately see him playing a set this way given the tricky was he has played some previous hands. I really didn't know whether to call here or not. What do you guys think?
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    Quote Originally Posted by PokerChildKpo View Post
    At this point I'm thinking this has to be complete air or a set of queens.
    He could have some other hands like a set of sixes.

    I don't see anything terribly wrong about the 3bet call and the flop call.
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    I don't really know how these games play, but I doubt he's squeezing or raising for value with any PPs lower than TT so that eliminates sets other than QQ for me. Also, I'd expect him to go for 3 streets nearly always with QQ here OOP. If he's not overly agressive pre with steals or overly agressive postflop, I'd fold the river. You can use the alpha value to see how much of your range you need to call to avoid being exploited by bluffs in these types of spots.

    It's also worth thinking about what villain perceives your range to be. The only reason I can think of for him checking to you on the turn is to check-raise you if he thinks you're aggressive when checked to, and you have hands in your range that you can get aggressive with (top-pair or better and a decent amount of semi-bluffs). If he expects you to bet a Q or better when checked to on the turn, he could be jamming a hand like AQ for value, and he will probably bluff the river a lot more too. I'd put him on a range of discounted QQ & AA-KK, Q6s, AQ, and some bluffs (Ax type hands).

    It really depends on how often you expect him to be bluffing in this spot. My thoughts aren't going to all that helpful to you here because I've never played these stakes, or poker in a long time. If you're really unsure, I'd just fold. Curiosity killed the cat.
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