Took a Vegas trip 3 weeks ago. First night I played at Exalibur min $2 - max $6. Only 1 blind at $2. If your American Air gets cracked you spin a bonus money wheel.. thats awesome. Any fish in the sea? Yup. It was like an aquarium. I didn't get to pick my seat... but it didn't matter too much, the poker room is an ocean of fish anyway.

Sat down with $60. 2 hours stood up with $110. Not bad... Decided to go clubbing. RA at luxor is an awesome club if you into that scene.

2nd Night Exalibur.. Caught A bad swing of cards.. managed to survive and considered it a good night with all the free drinks and cute waitress.

Sat down with $60. 4 hours stood up with $50ish and a good buzz.

On the way home my friends and I decided to stop at the state line. Turns out Buffalo Bills has a 2-6 holdem room also. I was a little nervous because a lot of the players were obvious regulars. Played tight/aggressive waiting for a cute hand to come. Finally, rockets came my way so I decided to make a table impression. Everyone called my preflop raise. A/x/x falls on flop. I raise again.. half the table calls! (some comment about me being too young for poker) I take down the pot. After that I'm able to take down pots preflop. Cute.

Sat down with $60. Stood up with $180. Gotta love loose tables with big bankrolls.

The hardest thing was standing up after winning big key pots. Luckily for me I had friends waiting.