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  1. @Keith and The Bean Counter Thanks for the...

    @Keith and The Bean Counter

    Thanks for the comments. I gave it a go and struggled. Only lost a buy-in but I made some bad moves and that wasted away some hands that I thought I had played really...
  2. I'm Tired

    It was so easy before.

    The admin job had me Monday-Friday 9am-5:30pm. Get home by 6:30pm, sorted by 8:00pm and play feeling refreshed. Now on late shifts, I try to do the same thing but starting...
  3. Duly noted Griffey :p KTo - Good question,...

    Duly noted Griffey :p

    KTo - Good question, didn't notice that initially. No my standard is 3x normally. Looking back at the hand, my opponent was 64/14, so I believe I raised that amount to get...
  4. First Session of the New Year - Got a little bit up

    Hey everyone,

    Played 411 hands again to get into the grind once more and was up $3.49 by the end of it. Alright session, the majority came from KK vs AK all-in pre-flop, but there were some other...
  5. December Review - Breakeven never felt so good

    Current Bankroll - $63.11.....?

    OK. I started with $50(.01), I...
  6. I've posted my videos on my YouTube page (can't...

    I've posted my videos on my YouTube page (can't do links, search for "PerryPlaysPoker" and you'll see my two vids hanging out with a Matthew Perry chat video). As you're probably well aware by now, I...
  7. Slowly making my way back to breakeven

    Hey guys,

    Thanks for all the posts thus far, I've been away for a little bit as I had a minor eye operation. Poker was put on hold cause, you know, couldn't see shit.

    Eye all sorted now, so I...
  8. Update, still that an update?

    Previous Bankroll - $35.08
    Current Bankroll - $

    That's the current sessions...
  9. Downhill

    Just under 400 hands played and another 3 buy-ins down:

    Starting Bankroll - $50.01
    Previous Bankroll - $41
    Current Bankroll - $35.08

    Another (just less) than 400 hands played and another 3...
  10. Thanks man, appreciate it.

    Thanks man, appreciate it.
  11. PerryPlaysPoker - $50 to $10000 - Amateur to.....really good amateur.

    Hey everyone.

    I'm Perry, a 28 year-old male from England who is a born-again keen recreational player. From 2006-2012 I loved the game and started a blog/vlog series along with it. I had the small...
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