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    Poll: 1.5M USD freeroll

    has anyone else heard about the 1.5million dollar usd freeroll

    i saw the post about it somewhere else and wanted to know if anyone else has seen it too its almost unbelievable
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    should you always go all in?

    when peopple have an AK they generally raise
    some go all in

    but i think that tournament survival should be more important than hoping your AK is going to make the best hand?

    i normally limp...
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    does ftr intend to run its own pokersite?

    was just curious as i know ftr has been around for years and will have established itself a good name and was wondering if in fact you guys would perhaps purchase software to run your own pokersite
  4. i think thats great that they host 1m tourny but...

    i think thats great that they host 1m tourny but it is so expensive when comparing this to pokerstars at only 109 for one million but then again i guess atleast theres will be alot less people on ACR
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