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    Fellow colleagues! Imagine yourself playing with a blindfold. You can barely see your hole cards and the cards dealer puts on the tables, and that’s it. Is it enough for you? If yes, then just close this document and follow to the comfortable room of never beaten micro stakes. But if you want more, then open StatName website and get to the new level of play! Are you ready? This is how it can happen today!
    First of all, as a rational and professional online poker player, you already use auto-seating script. What script to use exactly is for you to decide, but it’s not hard to pick a good one since options are limited. All the best players are already using it, and you already marked them with “danger” colors, so the auto-seating tool would never offer you a room where those sharks are waiting for the rare fish-players.
    However, the auto-seating script will automatically offer you to play in a room where a new unknown player has arrived. And there’s a good chance this player is actually a.. You wouldn’t miss a chance to play with a fish, would you? We join this game with no doubts… Wait, what if this Zorro is actually a tough pro who’s up to get all our money? To play or not to play, that is the question… And here is where StatName website statistics come into play, it will help you to get a very good idea of who this unknown player is, whether it’s a tough pro or a fish, or even a whale.
    So, when you get access to the room, you should instantly use the StatName to find out everything about your new potential opponent. If it’s a fish, which is highly possible by the way, when you’re dealing with an unknown, well, that’s perfect, just start making money. Else, we mark the new guy as a pro and auto-seating script will never offer you to play with him, with default settings of course. We then close this room and continue selecting tables.
    What is very important, you can at any time see all the game statistics of any player in a given room, whether it’s an amateur or a regular. And the one who has the information is always on button. StatName is the most powerful assistant tool for a poker player that does not violate any reasonable poker room conditions. Using it you will immediately get rid of losing tables and start to consistently win. Try it yourself and see!
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    Hey. Who has information on how much Maya Geller won at the 43rd Annual World Series of Poker?
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    She took 65th place and made $5,149.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fisher View Post
    She took 65th place and made $5,149.

    and 1st place in my heart.
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    Quote Originally Posted by givememyleg View Post

    and 1st place in my heart.
    Okay, you're trapped

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