found this email in spam folder so if you had a balance on PKR check your spam to be able to reclaim your funds into your stars account. Weird part is that those funds are available for me to withdraw with no play through requirement.

Dear Keith

We were appointed as Joint Administrator of both PKR Limited and PKR Technologies Limited (together “the Companies”) by the High Court on 11 May 2017. As a result of the Administration, you will most likely be aware that the Companies have ceased trading and you are no longer able to access or use your PKR account.

In the period since appointment we have worked hard to try to find a buyer for some or all of the business and assets including the player database.

I am delighted to inform you that PokerStars have acquired the player database and have offered to provide you with credit equal to the balance which our records show was in your PKR account on 11 May. In order to receive this credit you will either need to have an existing PokerStars account or open a new PokerStars account to which the credit can be made. The link below provides further details regarding obtaining the credit.

Crediting your account remains entirely at the discretion of PokerStars and if either the credit is not made or you do not take the necessary actions to obtain the credit, you will remain as an unsecured creditor in the Administration.

The purpose of this e-mail is to advise you of the offer being made by PokerStars, however, if you no longer wish to receive communications from or relating to PokerStars or the Administration of the Companies, please click unsubscribe.

Our records show that your PKR account balance was £+**********. Please click here or on the button below for further details and to obtain your credit.