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Pokerstars WCOOP - 8th to 29th September

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    Default Pokerstars WCOOP - 8th to 29th September

    Pokerstars' World Championship of Online Poker returns this September, running from the 8th to the 29th!

    • $40,000,000 in guaranteed cash over 66 events
    • Player of the Series Leaderboard worth tens of thousands of dollars
    • 3 x $10,300 buyin events
    • Full schedule of 2nd Chance events - the same events just at lower buyins
    • WCOOP bracelets for all event winners!

    See our full Pokerstars review and get a $600 bonus here
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    Are there likely to be any reload bonuses as a result of this?
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    Yeah nearly definitely, keeping an eye out and will post when I find one
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    Much appreciated, was going to deposit some moniez today but I may aswell wait.
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    haha, I'm not able to play poker from the 20th-29th August. Cheers though.
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    We have less than a week before this event starts.
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    This event starts in less than 3 days.
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    Less than 24 hours to go until this event starts!
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    Less than 12 hours to go until this event starts!
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    Less than 6 hours to go until this event starts!
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    Less than 3 hours to go until this event starts!
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    Less than one hour to go until this event starts! The password has now been released to Qualified Members!
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    Feb 2011
    Ciudad Bolivar - Venezuela
    good opportunity for those with little banking
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    Dec 2011
    Glasgow, Scotland
    Always a great series of poker. Good luck to everyone who plays
    Scottish Cowboy
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    Lots of satellites for Pokerstars WCOOP - 8th to 29th September
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    Ok maybe it's cuz I'm new or just stupid, but, how do you become a qualified member? I seen there will be the free roll on Bovada for qualified members but I don't know when it is or what the password is.
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    Default WCOOP the best

    this series of events is the best thing that has brought pokerstars to better understand the game of poker, by enabling us to become better players and hobnob with pro players in the system.
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    how can i play in freeroll??
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    I really want to play on FTR PT Freeroll 100dollars added, anyone know's password?

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