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PokerStars & iPhone/iPad

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    Default PokerStars & iPhone/iPad

    I recently got word of PokerStars purchase of a mobile gaming company and got to thinking of how great it would be to be able to play on the iPhone or the recently announced iPad devices. I understand that it would cheaper to just use a netbook but the interface is perfect for multitouch. Anyone else have an interest in using PokerStars on Apple's mobile devices?
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    That would be pretty interesting. I don't know how much I would actually want to play while i'm not at my house but still would be cool to be able to. I usually take my laptop on trips so that I can get a quick game in.
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    would be kinda fun 1 tabling some lower stakes without a hud on-the-go. It would probably make gameplay have a bunch more d/c's but then again might make it fishier as well
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    I was interested in what Apple was coming out with. With PT3 now available for mac, a tablet would have rocked if it had any real functionality.

    But with no mac os program support and no multi tasking, it is pretty much worthless.
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    i've been hoping iPhone would come out with an app to play Poker Stars forever! It would be great to play a few hands in certain situations while waiting somewhere or what not. i would love to play some low stakes when I'm feeling that need to see some cards on the go. For some reason though, I doubt we will ever see an app to login to our poker stars account
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    I present to you --------The Sit'n'Go-Go

    And yes, it is real. Patent pending.
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    Hi ,

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