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*OFFICIAL* Bovada Thread

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    Default *OFFICIAL* Bovada Thread

    Poker Room Thread


    Name: Bovada
    Network: Bovada
    Deposit bonus: 100% up to $1,000
    Reward System: Points Conversion
    (excluding new players from Maryland, New York, Utah and Washington)

    Information or is one of the newest rooms around, formed at the end of 2011 after splitting from Bodog following Bodog's decision to pull out of the US market. It retains the controversial "anonymous tables" setup, where players are given numbers instead of usernames and notes on each player are lost when they leave that specific table. Cash players are also limited to a maximum of 4 tables at once. There's also a 4.9% rake on deposits. Bovada only accepts American players.

    However, there are plenty of benefits to playing on Bovada - soft tables and slick software. Networks accepting American plans are small in number so it would be foolish to write off Bovada given the lack of other options. Recreational players often find the table limits and anonymous tables refreshing and more fun as there are fewer professionals taking up seats at every table.

    Full Review Here

    FTR Member's Thoughts

    Do you play at Bovada, or have you in the past? Help out other FTR members by posting your thoughts!

    FTR Bonus & VIP Club Details

    By signing up through FlopTurnRiver, you'll receive a 100% welcome bonus of up to $1,000. The bonus clears in stages as per the following table:

    1           50             $10              $10
    2           250            $40              $50
    3           750            $100             $150
    4           1500           $150             $300	
    5           3000           $300             $600
    6           5000           $400             $1000
    You'll have 60 days to clear the bonus, and you can deposit twice to receive the full $1,000 bonus (e.g. $400 + $600). 5 points effectively equal $1 of bonus money. You get 3 points per $1 spent on tournament fees, making this bonus excellent value for tournament players. This is how to poker points are earnt playing cash:

    Bovada doesn't use a VIP club system, meaning you get basically the same value for your points whether you're playing for fun or grinding at high stakes. Points can be either be used to buy into tournament freerolls, or converted into various tournament tickets at a normal exchange rate of 100 points to $1. Bovada also offers reload bonuses, which are cleared by earning points.


    Screenshots needed - I'd be grateful if any Bovada players could post a screenshot here

    If anyone who plays on Bovada could add to this review, please let me know or post in this thread!
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    NFL Poker Pass - win a $15k Super Bowl Package!

    Bovada is well known in the US for offering sports betting, especially on NFL, and this promotion combines NFL with poker! Bet $25 on NFL action in a given week and get access to a $2,500 weekly freeroll, or $50 for a $5,000 weekly freeroll. As well as offering cash prizes, these tournaments will also give tickets to the big Finale - the winner of which gets 2 tickets to Super Bowl XLVII at the Superdome, flights and hotel accomodation for two, and $1,000 spending money!

    Get full information here and make sure you opt-in with the instructions on that page! If you don't have a Bovada acount, just go here and follow the instructions to sign up!
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    Do europeans still use Bodog or can we choose?
    I don't have any of them yet and thinking about trying it out.
    (obviously no interest in NFL, nor soccer/football, Rugby Football is the only contender).
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    Sorry Chemist, apparently Bovada is US only
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    Oh well looks like it is completely irrelevant for us now anyway.

    Online Sports Betting, Casino, Poker & Horse Racing at Bovada
    "Improvements Coming Soon"

    Looks like it's closed completely:
    Bodog Closing Online Poker Room in UK, Europe | Pokerfuse Online Poker News
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    BODOG now closed down to all uk and euro players, also u cant sign up to bovada as its us only
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    Default Love life, love poker.

    What is the chance that both Bodog and Bovada will open to the UK and the rest of Europe? Would it not make more sense if they did that? I mean the player pool would be so much larger. I don't know, I'm just a beginner to poker and would appreciate an answer.
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    Bovada is the American only brand, so they won't be coming back. Bodog's website says live dealers will return in Summer 2013 (Online Sports Betting, Casino, Poker & Horse Racing at Bovada) but I'm not sure if they plan on bringing poker back to the UK at all. Last I read they wanted to focus on the Asian markets
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    Apr 2012
    St Louis, MO
    Is there any Bodog Rep that will be posting in this forum? Is there any link between this thread and anyone at Bodog? If not, I think "unofficial" is a better title.
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    Apr 2012
    St Louis, MO
    Notes on anonymous tables (excerpts from my full review, to be posted soon):

    HUD support is limited (no PT or HEM), but since anonymous players, stats can’t accumulate over multiple sessions, so it is rare to play more than 50 hands with any known villain, which means that most HUD info is useless based on small sample size anyway (even VPIP/PFR aren’t strongly reliable).
    This is good for a financially strapped beginner or a recreational player. Not only is there no need to buy a HUD software (potentially doubling your initial investment), but also most villains will not be using one, either. Even if they do use a HUD, there is not much more they can know that you can't know by observation and note-taking.

    All hole cards are revealed in the HH starting 24 hours after the table session is closed! You can see what everyone was dealt, and whether or not a villain was bullying you when you folded TPTK to a flop 3-bet.
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    Great work so far on the review MMM

    By official, at the moment it just means that this is the official thread on FTR to read/ask about Bovada. I'll look into getting us a rep on the forum to answer questions.
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    Glasgow, Scotland
    I played on Bodog for a couple of months prior to it closing down in the UK. Pity because I built up a nice bankroll from nothing playing in private freerolls. I then played a few of the $5 buy ins and did okay in them as well. Had to withdraw my winnings when it closed down but I would deposit t play again if Bodog / Bovada opened up again in the UK.
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    Im actually not minding bovada lately. Even though i still hate the boards but teir game schedule seems pretty decent. Enjoy the beginner MTTs I guess once you get over the anonymous part of it (which I will admit seems really dry just seeing numbers) lately I have some fun playing on the site.

    In case any US players looking for the right card to deposit on their (this include revolution and merge site withnon merge cashiers) NETSPEND has been working like a charm (NO GREENDOT NO VANILLA)
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    Been playing Bovada for quite a while now. Been multi-tabling 6 handed turbo DONs. Mindless, but low variance winning.
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    The Bodog/Bovada software is definitely aesthetically appealing to play on. I wonder what the ratio of regs-to-recreational players has become since they switched to the 'recreational player business model'.
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    I haven't really seen play any easier or harder in last year or so on Bovada. I don't think many players jumped ship since there are only a few online poker sites available in US. I love that it's a sport betting/casino/poker place. Love it when gamblers play poker.
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    St Louis, MO
    Special note to add to reviews:

    Table sizing is a bit constrained, in that there is a minimum size that is more than 1/2 the height of my monitor's resolution. So I had overlapping tables, which I don't like.

    There is a program called PlaceMint that will force the windows to be any size and location you like. It was a minor PITA to set up, but one and done, and it works fine.... ish...

    The font size is a little weird, since PlaceMint scales the window down, but the font is not scaled at first... attempting to re-size the window fixes the problem for me. PlaceMint will not allow the window to be re-sized for more than a clock tick, so it snaps right back to where it was. The font re-scales (sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse). A couple of times is enough to get everything right.

    Also, seat selection is a total mind-game with PlaceMint running, because the invisible buttons you click to switch seats do not get moved when the table get's scaled. Choosing a seat is FFFFUUUUUUUUU!

    I just close Placemint, resize the tables to a default size, select my seats and re-open PlaceMint.

    All of this means... I open 4 tables on Bovada, buy in, and select my seat. I open PlaceMint, and the 4 tables snap to their spots. I make a futile attempt to re-size each table and the font becomes more appropriate. I grind.
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    Seat selection solved... there is preferred seating available through options in lobby.

    I have 2 tournament tickets that are:
    Weekly Lucky Draw

    but I can't find where to register for them. Does anybody know?

    I found a reference that says how I got the things, and that there is a weekly tourney on Mondays, but I've never seen it in the lobby.

    Anybody? Am I blind?
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    Those weekly tournaments are Saturday night, I think 7:30 EST. Freeroll for ticket to 100K tournament. For every 10 players that entry, 1 seat to 100K is added to prize pool. Typically about 500 players.

    I too play 4 tables at a time on older monitor. I just sit on bottom for two on bottom, and play top for two on top. May have to chek out Placemint. Thanks.
    "Fish Can't Hear. ™" - Zerbet
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    There is a comprehensive thread on 2+2 that does an excellent job of getting all the info you need spread across 100's of posts with most of it useless info... basically, it's a headache, but it's there.

    I don't remember all the specifics about setting it up the first time, but I know it took a couple of hours of thinking and experimenting.

    This might be incredibly useful:

    Under "Tools" -> "Configure"
    That will go in the "Title RegEx" tab in the bottom right text field.
    This will recognize all cash tables (maybe tourneys?) as objects to be placed / re-sized

    If the above doesn't work for tourney tables...
    Check the thread on the other forum.

    This is the equivalent for the lobby:
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    Anybody know what's new in the update?

    My 'puter crashed on the first orbit after logging and auto-update... anybody else?

    Also... Has anybody seen this in the Preferences -> Game Play Settings

    [ ] Show Winning Hands Animations
    Turn on Winning Hand Animation to see 'Flaming' cards on a winning Flush or Full House and 'Electrified' cards for Quads or better

    I have it turned on... but haven't seen it in action.

    EDIT: the flames are cool, but they only show on your own hands... so when Villains have a hand, no flames
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