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New Rafa Nadel Pokerstars Advert

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    Default New Rafa Nadel Pokerstars Advert

    Watch the advert and read the article here:

    What do you think? I really enjoyed it, wish other poker sites put as much effort in!
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    I saw the ad and I must say PokerStars is at the top of its game!!! Besides being #1 worldwide, they put a lot of effort and dedication to marketing campaigns. However, it's not only the ad or the marketing process that works well but the product itself that lives to its expectations.

    I think the choice of Nadal is a very clever idea to show off Pokerstars products. He is a sportsman known worldwide and they pass the idea that even tennis players enjoy their share of poker...even if it is on the move.

    If PokerStars keep up the good work both in theirs products and in their adverts...there will be no chance for other poker rooms to dream about that #1 spot. Altogether, I really have to say that PokerStars is the best choice nowadays when it comes to online poker !!!
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    I enjoyed the ad…it is well executed and it shows Nadal being defeated in poker unlike in the earlier tv spot where he won on the street and a crowd of fans behind him and waiting for the outcome of the poker match.

    I have to agree with would be funnier and would make perfect business sense to have other poker rooms innovating this much in the ads and also in their products. I mean, there are good products out there beside PokerStars but it seems that the marketing minds simply do not have this glitter. I know not every online poker room has the ability to hire a Nadal for a marketing campaign but nowadays there are other tactics that make a product known and create audience awareness. Poker is more that ONLINE and master minds should worry about putting the word every poker fanatic spends hours at the pc looking at text ads and testing new rooms.

    Again, my cheers for PokerStars for nailing another fan. I shall register my account at PokerStars today.

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