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Full Tilt Re-launch promotions - "Deal Me In"

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    Default Full Tilt Re-launch promotions - "Deal Me In"

    With the re-launch of Full Tilt comes a whole bucketload of promotions to encourage both grinders and recreational players to start playing there again

    Deal Me In Bonus

    Every player will be given a bonus of at least $200 (based on previous play) when Full Tilt re-opens on November the 6th. Details:

    • 3 weeks to clear
    • must be claimed by 18:59 ET on December 2nd
    • $1 cleared for every 25 Full Tilt Points
    • Bonus ring game ticket based on how much of the bonus is cleared

    For new depositing players, you'll get this bonus before you get the 100% First Deposit Bonus. If you have an Iron Man bonus, you'll receive your bonus on Friday 30th November if you clear the Iron Man bonus before, or on the 20th December if you don't clear it before the 30th of November. Only one bonus can be cleared at a time.

    Full details: Deal Me In Bonus – Cash Bonus, Freeroll Tournaments – Full Tilt Poker

    Deal Me In Freerolls

    There's a total of $250,000 being given away in re-launch freerolls, with 10 freerolls a day on 6 days from Tuesday 6th November to Sunday 11th November.

    Each one will be a Turbo No-Limit Hold'em tournament with 30 minutes of late reg.

    To take part, you must have earnt any number of FTPs above 0 (including fractions) in the 7 days before the starting time of the tournament. This includes play in the week leading up to the closure on the 29th of June.

    Full information: Deal Me In Freeroll Tournaments – $250K Prize Money – Full Tilt Poker

    Happy Hours will return as an ongoing promotion, with double points being given during certain time slots for certain games. There's two extra Happy Hour benefits from Monday 12th to Sunday 18th November.

    First, each day during the week you can earn double Full Tilt Points for different games:

    • Monday - Hold'em
    • Tuesday - Rush Poker
    • Wednesday - Pot Limit games
    • Thursday - No Limit games
    • Friday - Omaha
    • Saturday - All games
    • Sunday - Ring games

    Secondly, Short Handed Happy Hour will give double points for players starting new tables. "Short-handed" is 3 or less for 6-max, 4 or less for 8max and 5 or less for 9-max.

    These points multipliers will accumulate with one another, meaning if you play a Omaha ring game on Friday 16th November short-handed, you'll get 4 times as many FTP points. These points don't count towards targets or clearing bonuses, but as they can be spent in store on bonuses and tickets it'll still increase your rewards.

    You can tell if a table is in "Happy Hour" if it has a yellow lemon slice next to it in the lobby.

    Full information: Deal Me In Happy Hour Week – Double Full Tilt Points – Fullt Tilt Poker

    The ticket sale applies to both tournament tickets and ring game tickets, and runs from Tuesday 6th November to 18th of November.

    There's a discount of at least 20% on ring game tickets and 15% on tournament tickets. These tickets still allow you to participate in Happy Hour too

    A ring game ticket is a ticket which you buy with FTPs and play in cash games with. The money inside the ticket is locked in, up to it's "maximum value", until you have cleared the necessary number of FTPs when the money is released in cash into your account. For example, if you buy a $100 ring game ticket and sit down at 5c/10c with $10 and lose the buyin, the ticket will now have a value of $90. If the next time you sit down with it you win $20, $10 goes back into the ticket making it worth $100 again and $10 goes into your account in cash. The clearing amount is 2,500 FTPs, so once you've earnt that amount playing with the ticket's money the ticket is completed and the money goes into your account.

    Don't forget that tickets have an expiry date and expire if they aren't used for 7 days. You can see the price of ring tickets in the store:

    Online Poker at Full Tilt Poker - Store

    Full information: Deal me In Ticket Sale – Discount Tickets Available – Full Tilt Poker
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    Also coming soon - FTOPS Satellite Frenzy, win a share of hundreds of added FTOPS entries.
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    Tom1559's Avatar
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    Dec 2011
    Glasgow, Scotland
    Just picked up on the Deal Me In promotion. Thanks for posting. Hard to argue with a free bonus. Also picked up on the freerolls although I am not sure the numbers that will be playing will make it worth while. Great for those trying to build a bankroll but not sure I will invest time in these. I think I would rather concentrate on maximising the bonus. Good luck everyone.
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    It sounds like Full Tilt has a lot of good promotions coming up.
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    Dec 2011
    Glasgow, Scotland
    Did okay in the freerolls and boosted my bankroll nicely. Happy with the free cash but these games were a slog. Maybe they should have ran them as Rush MTT's and they would have got through them a bit quicker. In fact maybe they should do that with all freerolls.
    Scottish Cowboy
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    Built a roll to get me started, had a few cashes in the dealmein freerolls and got some of my bonus already.. getting quardruple ftp's on cash tables.. All good.!
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    Bad week to be away. Missed them all.
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    There's still FTOPS satellites with added seats, the $200+ Deal Me In bonus and the ticket sale so you've only missed the freerolls which were worth like <$1 a person.

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