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BetOnline dealer cheats during live blackjack

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    Thumbs down BetOnline dealer cheats during live blackjack

    Video is long and annoying, but is clearly shown at 3:48. The dealer slides the top card up and takes the second card so the player loses.
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    For some reason, the link does not open for me, writes that it is blocked in your country
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    Does anyone have other online casinos that work?
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    I was also seeking for a nice online casino recently because I had to quit visiting to my favorite casino, which I had been to for five years, due to quarantine.
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    interesting tactic - Banned all three for multiaccounting as they are all the same guy presumably setting up a conversation where they can all post spam links
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    ninja keith
    Quote Originally Posted by wufwugy View Post
    ongies gonna ong

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