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$100k Merge Freeroll

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    Default $100k Merge Freeroll

    Anyone know anything about the Merge site FeltStars - Online Poker Room running a $100,000 freeroll? I heard it the other day but cannot find any details about it.
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    You can qualify for the 100K a number of ways such as depositing, getting vip points or playing the step 1 qualifier which runs 5 times a day. If you qualify in step 1, you get into step 2. The 100K is on May 29th.

    You can go to carbon's web site/promotions to get details of the 100K.
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    There are a few ways to qualify

    If you create a new account and deposit, you are automatically entered into the Step 2 Qualifier.

    Existing players can play in the 5 daily Step 1 qualifiers, or earn 150 VIP Points by May 28 for automatic qualification to Step 2.

    High volume players can earn 45,000 VIP Points for automatic qualification into the 100k Freeroll.

    Hope this Helps,

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