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true poker is a scam

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    Default true poker is a scam

    TRUE POKER IS A SCAM , I'm so angry with them for ripping me off I've created a website dedicated to warning people about them, I have done a little research and found I'm not the only person with similar problems. read my story at let me know if I posted this in the wrong place or broke any kind of rule, I didn't mean to and will do what it takes to make it right so that my story is heard
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    Your wasting your time. Nobody cares about obscure sites. Anyone who cares about winning and their bankroll would never play on such a site anyway. If you did any research at all you would know that. Nobody who cares if a site is shady would even attempt to play at a site like this in the first place. No players, no tables, shitty ass software and pretty much no customer service/security worth mentioning.

    Spend more time in the future researching your investment and you will spend less time working so hard to complain when things go wrong.

    I'll leave your link up so that people can get a laugh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jyms View Post

    I'll leave your link up so that people can get a laugh.
    You had to spend "alot" of money on that website? Do you mean alot or 24.99 yearly?
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    There is no need to buy a domain for a website, there are lots of free servers
    If you paid a lot of money to a website designer, you were scammed.
    Try next one "I was scammed by a website designer" (obviously hire another one to create it)
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    I am Queens Blvd.
    What other content can he possibly put on this website?
    That's how winners play; we convince the other guy he's making all the right moves.
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    potraits of hairy backed slapheadsflouncing in their underwear maybe.
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