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    Default Whats up FTR!!!

    been looking to join a poker forum for sometime now and heard a lot of good things about this one. cant wait to start talking hands and poker theory
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    Hey what's up jondoe... welcome to the forum!

    There's quite a bit of discussion relating to hand history analysis and theory in general in our various poker strategy forums so you should feel right at home. You might also want to check out Jesse's (spoonitnow) article series and free learning sessions for additional multi-way feedback.

    What games do you typically play and on what sites?
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    Jul 2014
    Daytona Beach,Florida
    Welcome to FTR jondoe

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    thanks for the welcome guys...
    just started playing on carbon consistently for about 1.5 months,,, currently playing micro stakes (multi tabling) .04nl and .10nl ....looking to build my bankroll online. and move up stakes as it good brm would suggest. also play smaller mtt's. and some mid stakes mtt (which are mainly deep stacks and turbos).
    Not bad so far as I was able to start with a free $5 tournament ticket promo and been able to grind that into a decent bankroll (especially since I didn't have to deposit any money).
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    Aug 2014
    I live in Moultrie Ga. Its down south near Fla. line
    Hi 2311jondoe. I'm new here too and love poker and talking about it. But I'm really wanting to make some friends even though we may be many miles a part. I'm retired and disabled so have plenty of time for this. GL to you
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    Thanks PapaC...
    Do u play online, live or both?
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    Aug 2014
    I live in Moultrie Ga. Its down south near Fla. line
    I play online most of the time but I live near the Fla. line and there is a poker room at the dog track. I've been down there some
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    it's awesome you decided to join FTR. welcome aboard 2311jondoe!
    how can you face the problem if the problem is your face?

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