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New Slick Fishy To Meet

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    What's up all,

    My name is AJ. I play on ACR as Going The Distance and Betcoin Poker as LottoLinks. I was born and raised in WA state but have lived in a variety of places including ID, NC, ND, WI and OR. I am a professional tile installer in WA currently. Awhile ago, I self-published books and personally sold hundreds of copies making 10k+ as a side hobby. I invest in bitcoin. I play the drums like a beast. I'm married (just had our 1 yr anniversary). My wife is 8 months pregnant with our first baby girl - her name will be Meadow.

    As for poker, I've done better this year than I ever have before. I have been cashing regularly in tournaments but I always make the mistake of taking my wins to the cash tables and trying to turn it into $5000 in an hour - just to go busto. I've never tried bankroll management or studied anything for that matter - I play by gut and have developed strategies on my own that often work for me. I started playing in 2003 at Absolute Poker.

    Unfortunately, I just busted in the 150 seat gtd to the milly and the 100 seat gtd to the milly yesterday. I waited and waited just to get blinded out and forced to shove with 88 in the 100k with 3.5bb left against AJ, flop came K74 turn came Q and river came 10. Sometimes it isn't meant to be I guess. Same thing with the 150 gtd, busted with 10's (the best preflop) just to lose to KJ offsuit. Seems I get it in good a great majority of the time just to lose which is very frustrating. So, because of that - I've switched up how I play (although I deviated from it during the 100 and 150 seat gtd's relying on the best to hold) and have been careful with raising, and what and who I'm calling etc and it's working. I never thought I'd be mucking big hands like I do now, but it seems to get me a lot further. Anyway, I am interested in learning and trying new things - so if you wanna scoop me under your wing feel free to message me. I deposit regularly and usually have money to play with.
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    sup AJ, glad to have ya.

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