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Just saying "Hi"-my Intro

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    Default Just saying "Hi"-my Intro

    I guess this post will bump the thread lol.

    My name is Tom, From Ontario, Canada. 42 yrs young, and Father of 3. I have played/dabbled with poker for 15 years or so. Now, that the kiddos, are
    older now, I want to re pursue my poker playing. I know I will never play full time, but currently, my goals are to play 20 hrs of online poker a week. I spend a lot of time, researching, and watching poker vids during the week.
    Currently, I am grinding Low level SnG. Seems that i keep getting drawn to them, so why fight it. I figure if I ever get the roll for the higher SnG, they won't offer enough tables at once to Multi, so i might have to learn to be a better cash player at that pt.

    I have purchased PT4, and I love it. really helps me study, but ideally, I hope these forums will help me study more/learn, and lean on new friends for advice.

    I am hoping not to make a deposit, but upon returning to Pokerstars, i still had $1 left, and have grind ed that up to 50$ so far in the last 2 weeks.

    I really love the site, and hope to make some good friends going forward.

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    Hi everyone
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    Jun 2018
    Hello Buddies! I just found an Online Casino Review here, will you please suggest me how can I earn from there?
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    Jun 2018
    hi jolly is FlopTurnRiver good to play in? how's your experience with them?
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    New Mexico, USA
    I liked hearing about taking $1 and grinding it to $50. Great job. What did you end up playing, cash games or tournaments (or something else)?

    Good luck to you,

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