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Hello Poker Players!

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    Default Hello Poker Players!

    You guys can call me Bizzy.

    I play mostly NLTH at 10 NL online and $1/$2 or $3 live. I enjoy playing 7 card stud and sometimes I dabble in Omaha. I have playing poker on and off for the last 18 years, then about a year ago I decided to pursue poker full time. At the moment I am playing online because of the pandemic but once that gets sorted out, I will be going to play in casinos again.

    I stumbled upon FTR while searching for more forums to promote my poker blog that I just started. I will be participating in conversations here and there when I log in and check out posts.

    My poker goal for 2021 is to move up stakes as I continue to study and improve. I also want to become a more involved in the poker community.
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    Hi, I'm a newbie too - it's really good to see you!
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    Hello! I'm Ben, I'm also new here! I like poker and want to know more about poker, poker tools, about current events and be in on this. I am pleased to be here for knowledge and experience sharing.

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