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Hello everyone!!

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    Event Hello everyone!!

    Hello, my name is Pascual and was born on 1995, so now I'm 22, I play Texas Holdem no limit and I've been playing online since I'm 12, but I haven't started playing online with money. I have only joined 3 tournaments of 30€ entry trhee years ago when I was 19 and I won 2 of them, winning 2290€ but the fact of playing online scares me because I don't really know if it's safe or if you can get to be a winning player if you play well.

    Nowadays I play at PokerStars and hardly ever on 888Poker too, but most of the time I play on PokerStars.

    I came to FTR because I was looking for a site to share and discuss about hands and learn about the game, because this thing of poker is to be studying too most of the time that you are not playing, as most of you know.

    I would like to become an online winning player, and if someday if I've got the chance, I would like to be an online professional poker player and live from it. What do you recomend me? I will be greatful to know what you think.

    Also I've heard about HUDs and it's software and I've tried the trial version of Jivaro, and I liked it because you can be in several tables and it takes all the information and shows it to you. I would like to know if you know some more software like this one, that is as intuitive as Jivaro.

    Finally I want to say sorry if my english is bad. It's been a while since I don't write or speak in english. Thank you very much.
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    sup, Pascual?

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