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finally on a forum!bonjour tout le monde

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    Default finally on a forum!bonjour tout le monde

    Hello im a french poker player and finally after 7 years of online poker i decided to join a forum(better late than never)
    I didnt like the vibes on 2+2 so FTR got my attention.

    recently i ve been playing on a franch site that allow spanish folks to play .
    60 k hands with a 9bb/100 but never posted hands or whatever.
    i found that the game is over aggro nowadays and drying a bit(one fish per table is good 2 fishes is a must sit )

    As the edge gettin thinner and thinner i thought it was the right time to join a forum.

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    Aug 2018
    New Mexico, USA
    Hello, I would say welcome, but I am new here too. I look forward to reading your posts. See you around the forum.

    Good luck to you,

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