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    Default READ BEFORE POSTING: Full Ring NL Hold'em

    This forum is specifically for full-table NLH ring game strategies, hand analyses and discussions.

    Hand Posting Guidelines

    o Hands must contain one or more interesting decisions and/or illustrate a tricky concept. Bad beats, royal flushes, big pots, etc. should be posted in the It's All Bad or Tales Of Poker forums.
    o Hands from tournament histories should be posted in the appropriate forum (Sit-n-Go or Multi-Table Tourney Tactics).
    o Expect critical discussion of your hand.
    o Post individual hands or a group of related hands
    o Clean up hand histories manually, or use a converter
    o Include any reads you have on the other players in the hand and how your opponents may perceive you based on the last couple orbits. Poker is as much a game of people as it is position and cards.
    o Don’t necessarily post the final results until after some initial discussion, as it may bias the analysis.
    o When offering analysis, explain why you made a particular decision. Often the reasoning is more important than the result.

    Why You Should Post Hands Regularly

    Poker is a game of decisions. We make money by making more correct decisions than our opponents and sometimes putting them in a position to make incorrect decisions. Since a well played hand sometimes does not win a pot and a poorly played hand sometimes does, figuring out the right move is difficult as it is natural to be results oriented. Discussing decisions and understanding why a particular option was chosen is the best way to learn play better poker.

    Hand Converter: Click here
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