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KK 300bb 4b pot, 100NL Zoom

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    Default KK 300bb 4b pot, 100NL Zoom

    Villain is 28/22/5...54 ATS, 0% fold to 3bets over only 76 reads..pretty sure his not a reg (atleast not at 100NL zoom or else I would've had a lot more hands on him)

    $0.50/$1 No Limit Holdem
    9 Players

    UTG Torrie01 ($89.50)
    UTG+1 dbubll ($48.21)
    MP1 manumick ($176.10)
    MP2 igra-igra ($38.60)
    MP3 chapatin ($100)
    CO Per Morberg ($287.75)
    BTN Hero ($309.33)
    SB swissturtel ($92.86)
    BB lynum ($102.66)

    Pre-Flop: ($1.50, 9 players) Hero is BTN
    5 folds, Per Morberg raises to $3, Hero raises to $10, 2 folds, Per Morberg raises to $25, Hero calls $15

    Flop: ($51.50, 2 players)
    Per Morberg checks, Hero bets $30, Per Morberg goes all-in $262.75, $232.75 to Hero ($254.33)?
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    spain, russia, south korea (unless its i.n.w.o.ok.e), south american: call
    german: fold and show
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    i basically ratholed rush whenever i got above 220bb on a buyin. For reasons such as this hand. I still remember losing pots >> 500bb at 100nl rush and 50plo rush with hands as weak as second set, quads, and the ace high flush on an unpaired board...
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    I see mediocre/badish players who try to play good do this on scared money with QQ/JJ often enough that I'm snapping here live without another reason to put him on AA/TT.

    That said, I don't know how many players in that game are going to play QQ/JJ like that.
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    ship it based on your positions, could be doing it with wide range.
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    Call happy...
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    Man that's a lot of cheddar. QQ/JJ is possible, but so is TT/99. Really bad way for him to play a set though, not maximizing his value.

    I think I'm only scared of AA, but I could see him making a move here.
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    Looks like aces all day
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    snap folding

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    This is such a strange play. So hard to read what is going on here when you have had very few hands against the villian. Hard as it might be I think I would need to fold my Kings.
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    I agree with P4's here in that it's an easy fold, especially if he has even some capability to ask "What does my opponent have?" which he likely does with those stats, albeit over a small sample.
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    Yeah i think the kings have to hit the muck. Always a tough play, it could easily be queens or jacks, but it could definitely be aces or tens as well
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    think you have to drop it that deep, readless, dont think sample size large enuf to go off
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    Genuinely tough spot. I'm leaning towards fold.
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    Why hero doesn't get it AIPF I'll never know.

    --edit oh shit... I'm tired, just saw that he's 300 deep.. never mind.
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    These are hands we can probably bet/call (depending on the odds we're getting). CRAI might be FPS here, but if the villian is really aggro post-flop, it's an option. Also, it saves us some head-scratching if villian just calls and we brick the turn.
    C) 88+, 9T - These hands we're bet/folding, but we have a little bit of equity if called. We might 2-barrel with these? --- (Or should we actually check these? I think check/calling is bad because we'll never be getting proper odds. If the villian checks behind and we hit, we're golden. If the villian checks behind and we miss, I think we're pretty much in the same situation as we are now. Which means we check the turn again, hope he doesn't bet, and check/call the river if we miss?
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    it's a bad idee to make it 53-55$/fold to shove pre?

    cant say what i'd do post... beeing so deep i'd prefer to fold. 100-150bb i would call.
    All posts are just my own opinion about a hand or a general situation... not advices on how you should play...

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