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How do you all play this monster

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    Event How do you all play this monster

    Cold this have went any different?
    Playing live cash in crown, melbourne. $2 $4. I'm one of the average stacks at the table with about $470. The Hand went like this.
    Hero JJ bb
    5 limpers around to me and I make it 17$
    Utg raises to 45(stack is about 430)
    Mp calls (biggest stack at the table $1500)
    Sb calls (400)
    I call.
    Pot is around $190
    10s Qh 9c
    Check the whole way round
    Sb checks
    I lead out for $50
    Utg calls
    Mp folds
    Sb calls
    Pot $340
    Sb bets $18
    I raise to $106
    Utg tanks for 2 mins then jams all in
    Sb folds
    Around $700 in the pot I have about $270
    What to do? I've played with the villain a few times and know that he would be willing to make big moves and think that he thinks the same about me. I beat a lot of hands in this spot and only go down to 10 10 or QQ
    I do have a bit of fold equity but does anybody fold here or instant call??
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