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    Default IS THIS DONKEY!!

    Hello FTR, new member but long time reader. Great place with lots of good info. Thanks for having me.
    Please judge this hand and let me know if you would change any of the actions.
    Live brick and mortar $5/$10 NLH. First time playing against villain. Been on the table with him 3hrs. Villain is LAG. Does not appears to be position aware. Hero's image is TAG. Have won lots of pots without showdown.

    Hero stack $4600+ villain stack $2200+
    Preflop Hero on the BTN with 3s4h. Villain in CO open limp. Hero raise $45 sb&bb folds. Villain calls.
    Flop 2h7d6h villain check. Hero c-bet $60 villain raise $225 ??? Hero tanks 30 sec. Why would he push me off the hand if he has a monster? I'm thinking he has top pair or small over pair MAYBE 67. Hero sense weakness and reraise to $550. Villain thinks for two minutes with lots of "genuine" signs of stress and calls. Hero is pretty sure villain does not have a monster now.
    Turn is 10h villain check and hero is thinking I'm going to take this pot down now and fires $850. Villain is in serious discomfort and stress. Villain thinks for about three minutes and says " Ok, I need to go home" push all-in.
    Hero??? Give up $3700 pot or invest another $800 with gut draw str8 and 4 high flush draw with 5 to 1 pot odds ?
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    vs a LAG i'd fold that hand pre.
    dont think he is trying to push you off the hand. he wants your FD's to pay / your non beliver overpairs./ has a FD himself and wants the pot now
    i'd check back turn after he calls the flop 3bet.
    really cant say what i would do after his push, probably call i guess, but i am sure i am behind.

    dont take my post for good, never played for that kind of money.
    All posts are just my own opinion about a hand or a general situation... not advices on how you should play...
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    LAGs rarely open limp CO imo. Pre is loose but whatever, flop 3bet is terrible, check behind turn, as played fold.

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    you realise that you have zero equity against 89 with one of them a heart and could be drawing completely dead.
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    "lots of genuine signs of stress" can easily be someone trying to convey this, and using reverse tells. If someone is giving off such obvious tells, it seems a bit odd to me and I'd almost assume they were doing this intentionally.

    Also the old "meh whatever, I don't care, screw it i'm all in and going home" is such a noob fake-out line when they have a legit hand. Sounds to me like he's going well out of his way to appear weak, so I'm pretty scared of that. Fold. If he's levelling me and is actually weak with all these weak tells, then good for him he deserves my money!

    The only thing that would make me think it's real stress is that he waited 3 minutes to do this. If you're over-estimating and it was actually much less than this, it scares me more.

    I predict hero calls, see's a monster but rivers a heart
    Quote Originally Posted by Jay-Z
    I'm a couple hands down and I'm tryin' to get back
    I gave the other grip, I lost a flip for five stacks
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    So you've been sat in position vs this villain for 3 hrs, and all you got for us is he's LAG, even though he limp/calls? I think you need to work on reading your villains better.

    Fold pre bra, I find it hard to believe your image is TAG if you're ISO'ing a limper with 43o.
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    ongies gonna ong

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