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3/6 NL - Spewy or Spunky?

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    Default 3/6 NL - Spewy, Spunky or Stationy?

    We're the only two left at a FR table. I rarely play HU cash, usually just when I start tables. Villain is a laggy SOB, sometimes too aggro. So why not sit around for a bit and see if I can take advantage.

    At any rate, I've been going back and forth trading chips with this dude for ~60 hands. Almost every time I didn't insta-raise pre, he'd 3bet... and he's donked a lot of flops but gives up a lot on the turn OOP. When he donks the turn again, I put him on the King.

    My reason for calling the turn is I believe I can take the pot away with any diamond, Ace or Jack with an overbet - esp. if he checks it. I just feel icky using scare card outs HU... thoughts?

    $3/$6 No Limit Holdem
    2 Players
    Hand Conversion Powered by

    SB Hero ($728)
    BB Villain ($606)

    Pre-Flop: ($9, 2 players) Hero is SB
    Hero raises to $12, Villain raises to $42, Hero calls $30

    Flop: ($84, 2 players)
    Villain bets $54, Hero calls $54

    Turn: ($192, 2 players)
    Villain bets $102, Hero calls $102

    River: ($396, 2 players)
    Villain checks, Hero bets $422, Villain...
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    Suppose I could have posted this in the HU forum even though this was a FR table, but I don't know how many frequent that section.
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    is this a shove? i like it
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    villain had $400 left behind on river... so yes, I'd put him in all-in
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    man this is a pretty cool hand.

    I dunno why you think he has a king that much here though. There's tons of stuff he can have. I like shoving this river as a bluff (since he can easily have AJ/QJ/J9 a ton) but most rivers I think we have enough SD value that you can check down. I really don't like shoving a diamond either - we have enough SD value and he'll find it hard to believe you backdoored a flush.

    On this river your play is awesome though imo. What site do you play on? pm SN if you want? :P
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    It isn't terrible, but I think you can fold turn
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    I think so,
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    Looks good.
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    Spunky imo


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