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1/2 NL Full Ring live Cash, Bad move here?

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    Default 1/2 NL Full Ring live Cash, Bad move here?

    Hey guys im new here and to poker so go kinda easy on me =P

    I sit down at 1/2 NL table, i buy in for 30BB, I fold 30+ hands watching the table
    V1, and V2 are super super loose. V3 just cashed out 600 dollars from V1.
    their ranges are very wide, no positional requirements for them. V1 has busted multiple times and rebuys.

    Hand 35ish, I am middle position, I get JJ
    I call 2, late position raises 10,
    4 callers
    gets to me, I shove 52$
    I get 2 callers, V1 and V2 both call, the rest fold

    Flop comes 7A3, Turn is a 5, river 10

    V1 and V2 both show Ace 7 two pair, they split the pot.

    So basically here I shoved probably with only a medium strong pocket pair, and I lost my stack. The table average Preflop to call was avg about 10-15BB dollars and avg bet on flop was 20+BB. Against multiple Super Deep Super Loose Aggressive opponents at a full ring 1/2 NL should I just wait for pocket Aces or nothing else? to see any flop would cost me average half my stack other wise.

    Is shoving and expecting 1-2 callers with just JJ a grossly bad move, or did i just get that unlucky with them to pair? or is this a no win situation for me and its time to move tables since any math relative / small ball form is basically impossible?

    I just purchased a couple books online aswell

    Small Stakes Hold 'em: Winning Big with Expert Play
    Crushing Low Stakes Poker: How to Make $1,000s Playing Low Stakes Sit 'n Gos, Vol. 1: Strategy
    Small Stakes No-Limit Hold'em

    any other reading suggestions?
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    Playing against such bad players, I'd suggest buying in for full. If the idea of buying in for full seems like too much for you, then you are under rolled for whatever the game is in question.

    In this particular hand, you got it all in as the favorite 3-way. This is an excellent situation and you played it optimally, so I wouldn't fret about the result. IF the result causes you to fret, I would again argue that you are under rolled for this game.
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    thanks yeah, I am still very new to poker I guess, i agree that 1/2 NL is basically outside of my bankroll, I might try some softer table casinos where most people buyin for near minimum, I cant find any casinos in Miami that offer .50/1.00 stakes so I guess im basically kinda just screwed and wont be able to play poker anymore until Im a little older and a 1/2 bankroll is inside my limits.
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    Try playing online if you are able too. A $60 bankroll can get you a lot of practice so that when you do build up enough money to play 1-2 you are more ready.
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    That sucks man, shoulda been a triple up for you!
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    Play online poker. You will find better players and you will be able to learn and practice more.
    You played fine this hand considering that you have bet half of your bankroll to play a hand.

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