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$20 NLHE Full Ring: KK gets raised on flop

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    Default $20 NLHE Full Ring: KK gets raised on flop

    Villain 1 on the button here is big fish and very passive, villain 2 in the big blind has more or less just sat down and I have no information on him, never come across him before:

    UTG ($27.38)
    UTG+1 ($55.29)
    MP1 ($20)
    MP2- Hero ($20)
    MP3 ($43)
    CO ($23)
    BTN ($11.60)
    SB ($20)
    BB ($25.83)

    Hero is dealt Ks Kc
    Pre flop ($0.30)
    utg calls $0.20, 2 folds, hero raises to $1, 2 folds, btn calls, sb folds, bb calls, utg calls

    Flop ($3.90) is 9d 5d 3s
    bb check, utg check, hero bets $3.60, btn calls, bb raises to $24.83 and is all in, utg folds, hero?

    My thoughts here are the bb has a set, what else is he raising with here? What are your thoughts?
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    I don't understand why you bet nearly 20% of your stack and then don't snap call when someone gives you action. 953 is a light enough board texture (light meaning not particularly likely to be hit by ranges) that you could bet just 1.75-2.75 and accomplish most of the same things as betting pot.

    As played you have an easy call. He almost certainly isn't playing 95o 93o 53o preflop and he most probably is not playing 95s 93s 53s. You lose to sets only and it is difficult to flop sets when you have a loose big blind overcalling range. You're more likely to see the nut flush draw, 3x of diamonds, 8d7d 8d5d 7d6d, and even TT+ or 9x here.
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    Yeah, call. There are a lot of things he can have besides sets.
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    Flop bet sizing is way too big imo. I'd probably bet like $2.35-2.65ish territory.

    As played, definitely calling, especially since fish is likely to call with a worse hand than ours.
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    Quote Originally Posted by griffey24 View Post
    Flop bet sizing is way too big imo. I'd probably bet like $2.35-2.65ish territory.
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    Not a great way to get value if he does have a set I wouldn't have thought. Not to say he doesn't but I think it's much more likely he has 9x, NFD, 4d6d, 7d8d, maybe even 3d+diamond picture card.

    I'd call
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    yeah snap call, to do this he is likely an aggro fish (who isn't thinking value even if he had the set), but most likely here is his thinking....

    hmmm this guy raised PF, gonna put him on AK and call with my ATC and beat him

    hmmm big flop bet, he probably missed and trying to get me off the pot.....I have a piece of this board (89, 9t or any 9+face) and my hand is good so all in.....or I missed but so did he so I'm going to allin

    I snap this off so hard his momma gonna feel it, and just UL if he did luck into the set but you're good so often on that board against just draws and single pairs that its going to be profitable even on the rare occasion you run into the set.
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    looks like a call, could easily be overplaying TT+

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