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    Question Gauntlet Start Date

    Mini Gauntlet Details:

    - Stars Home Game
    - free to play, optional side buyins
    - 4 games over 4 weeks, every Sunday at 4pm ET
    - 3 NLHE, 1 Omaha (3rd week)
    - all 6 max
    - all deepish, turbo-y structure
    - regs only

    Start date options:

    5th May (- 26th May)
    12th May (- 2nd June)
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    Well shit, I can't make either. The 5th I'm gone and I'm pretty sure the 12th is Mothers Day.
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    Can't make May 5th, maybe can't make the 12th either because of aforementioned Mother's Day. I'm not really making it a priority to make any of them though, FWIW. It's more like if I'm not doing anything at that time and I feel like playing poker on a day off, I'll prob play. So I guess I'm saying that you shouldn't care too much if I can't play either of those days cuz I dunno if I'll play any at all.
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    Mothers Day bahhhhhhhhhhh
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    Sorry Mom but I can't miss the Mini Gauntlet
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    is the second game on today? . looked in the home game lobby and didn't seem to be any tourneys scheduled yet
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    Was out of town and Mothers Day so skipped it. Next game will be coming Sunday
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    Did this start?
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    dont think so . no game in home game lobby. we got a date and start time for this sunday 19th may
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    I didn't miss this? gtfi
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