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2014 FTR Gauntlet Season XI: Game 7

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    US Players Allowed 2014 FTR Gauntlet Season XI: Game 7

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    Oh I didn't realize I added 1 play chip to my roll. Totally stoked!
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    Pink and proud!
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    ong doesn't even rate a note lol
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    I have lots of notes on keith. It's so long that the phrase "abusing mod powers" emerges four times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wufwugy View Post
    ongies gonna ong
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    Awesome Keith. Can someone post the toruney ID again? I have all the rest copied except this one.
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    I haven't got it and don't think stars save hand histories for play nmoney games hence no huds so can't find it from there
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    Do they not send a winning email?
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    nope just checked and no email.
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    Might have to make a manual one with the image you posted

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