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2014 FTR Gauntlet Season XI: Game 11

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    Cool 2014 FTR Gauntlet Season XI: Game 11

    Date: May 21, 2014
    Time: 4:00 PM ET (9:00 PM GMT)
    Structure: 5k starting chips @ 15/30, 5 minute blinds,
    Late reg: 10 minutes
    Tourney ID: 912931478

    Welcome to game 11 of the Gauntlet XI! Again we play HU with 5 min blinds

    The game can be accessed through the Home Game group only. Details on how to join can be found here.

    All side bets are otherwise encouraged.
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    Less than 12 hours to go until this event starts!
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    Less than 6 hours to go until this event starts!
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    Less than 3 hours to go until this event starts!
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    Less than one hour to go until this event starts! The password has now been released to Qualified Members!
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    Check out this wonderful straight!!!
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    Fuckety fuck schoolboy error: spent the afternoon watching HU SNG vids, reg'd, phone rang, stupidly unreg'd thinking I'd re-reg within ten mins of start for a HU shoot-out.

    There goes the last hope of another t-shirt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Springbok View Post
    Check out this wonderful straight!!!

    Was going to bet pot for maximum value, but hit all in, instead. Mean set of cards dealt.
    It takes 2 years to learn to talk, but a lifetime to learn when to shut up.
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    lol I thought my flush crushed by boat was brutal enough, at least I didn't get coolered and fucked by a lucky misclick.
    Quote Originally Posted by wufwugy View Post
    ongies gonna ong

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