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    Default Inbox Quota?

    This is partly 'cause the feedback forum doesn't get enough lovin'.

    I have maybe 15 PMs and it says I'm 60% full. Seems to indicate the quote is around 25K, as most PMs are 'round 1K. Not actually an issue for me, since "I rarely if ever get PMs"...

    But if all 12000 members of FTR filled a 100K inbox quota, it'd still only be 1.2GB. Surely your hard drive is okay with that?
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    The Inbox limitation is set by number of messages, not by size quota. It was previously 50 posts. I've increased it to 150.
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    so if I PM you my copy of War and Peace your Inbox will only be 0.3% more full? Sounds dangerous...

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