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[Americas Cardroom] FTR 100 Free (Freeroll, $100 Added) - July 30th, 2014

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    US Players Allowed [Americas Cardroom] FTR 100 Free (Freeroll, $100 Added) - July 30th, 2014

    We're teaming up with Americas Cardroom to bring our FlopTurnRiver forum members exclusive events on a regular basis!

    This freeroll event is open to any player with a verified account at Americas Cardroom, and will take place on Wednesday, July 30th, at 8:00pm Eastern Time.

    Use funds earned from freeroll tournaments to participate in real money games.

    Event Details

    Name: FTR 100 Free
    Date & Time: Wednesday, July 30th - 8:00pm Eastern Time
    Buy-in: Freeroll
    Game Type: NLHE
    Prizes: $100 Cash Added to prize pool

    Note: The password to this event will be released early to FTR Qualified Members. The password will also be released to all FTR forum members 1 hour before the event begins.

    Americas Cardroom

    Americas Cardroom is the flagship site for the Winning Poker Network (WPN). It is available to online poker players worldwide, including the United States. However, it does not serve the three states in the U.S. which are already under a regulated environment (New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware).

    If you have not signed-up for an account with Americas Cardroom, you are eligible for a 100% Initial Deposit Bonus up to $1,000 when using our Bonus Code FTR1000 upon making your first deposit.

    Sign up for an Americas Cardroom account here!
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    The password for this event is: (You are not currently logged in, only members can view this text)
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    Don't forget our $200 money added event at ACR that takes place the following week! Full details here:
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    We have less than a week before this event starts.
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    The start time of this pretty much rules out UK and European members from playing. Start time is 1am / 2am in UK and Europe. Good luck to everyone who plays in this and the subsequent buy in.
    Scottish Cowboy
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    This event starts in less than 3 days.
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    Less than 24 hours to go until this event starts!
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    Default goodluck on tonight tur

    how do u guys like acr
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    Less than 12 hours to go until this event starts!
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    i cant wait got nothing to do until the tourney starts gl all
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    Less than 6 hours to go until this event starts!
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    Can't wait to play this game. Thanks for the game and gl ev1.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tootalltex777 View Post
    how do u guys like acr

    I like the setup. Some of the very fishy players tend to get extremely lucky against my premium cards, or maybe I'm just running bad on that site.
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    Thanks for offering this game, this game in the ACR lobby is what lead me to this forum. Will be around.
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    Less than 3 hours to go until this event starts!
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    cant wait for this!!! I hope this is not like those $10 freerolls with 400-500 people!!! GOODLUCK TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATES!!
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    Does anyone know how " PrinceP " already registered?!?!? or is that the manager of this tourney?!?! (just dont want hackers)
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    dont worry bruh. thats normal.
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    ohh ardd!! ty man
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    whats the password
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    I'm registered! Good luck all.
    It takes 2 years to learn to talk, but a lifetime to learn when to shut up.
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    Less than one hour to go until this event starts! The password has now been released to Qualified Members!
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    whats the pw
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    well that sucked lol. Couldnt catch a break. AA was dealt 3 times at my table withing 18 hands. Hard to beat AA when your getting 62 most the time. Had fun tho. Thx FTR for the tourney.
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    thanks for these great freerolls FTR! Couldn't make tonight's game, but hope to get into the action in future. I would like to build a BR at ACR, and I like BCP, so I think it's a good idea.
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    Pretty good game tonight...
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    It takes 2 years to learn to talk, but a lifetime to learn when to shut up.

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