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Tribalism in America

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    Default Tribalism in America

    It's Monday morning, and this is headline news in America today. NY Times, CBS, and CNN (who else? LOL)

    Here's the hook just after the Norman Rockwell opener....

    “If they would have been four white children, the police would not have been called,” Ms. Holt-Colden, who, like Reggie, is black, said on Saturday. “A lot of it is racially motivated.”
    Says who?? An angry black woman?

    The episode in Maple Heights, outside Cleveland, was the latest example of the police being called on black people engaged in innocuous behavior, such as barbecuing, selling bottles of water, sitting in a Starbucks or napping in a college lounge.
    I didn't hear the barbecuing story so I don't know what that's about. The water thing was just one angry psycho...not a racially hateful epidemic. And the last two were trespassing, NOT "innocuous behavior"

    So that's the lead in this story. Are you angry? Are you ready to protest in the streets demanding action? Are you convinced yet of how mean and oppressive the privileged white race really is?

    Ms. Holt-Colden was not surprised. “I automatically knew who was calling,” she said. they'res a history here. You mean might just be a case of some kids crossing a line and a person politely asking them to correct the behavior? Wait a minute now, if this isn't an evil manifestation of racism...why is it news?

    Since she began renting the house in October, Ms. Holt-Colden said, her neighbors have called the police on her at least five times
    Oh. lol. Clearly her neighbors are cruel racist bastards. Surely there's no chance that Ms Holt-Colden is causing trouble herself. She's black after all, and the neighbors are white. Pretty easy to see who's right and who's wrong here, right?

    Linda Krakora, who is white, said she had lived in the house with her husband, Randy, and their family for more than 30 years. She said that Ms. Holt-Colden and her family were the bad neighbors, and that their relationship had become so tense that she now communicates with her through the police.

    “The police were not called on the young boy — the police were called on the garbage I have next door,” Ms. Krakora said. “We called the police to ask the woman to have the kids stop mowing on our property because we can’t talk to her.”
    Will you listen to that rhetoric!!?? This bitch belongs at a KKK rally.

    See bolded.......why?

    Reggie’s mother, Brandy Fields, said she hoped the police were not called because her son is black
    yes, let's hope that's not the reason. Honestly, am I the only one reading this and going "what the fuck!!??"

    After her video gained attention, Ms. Holt-Colden said people asked what they could do to help. She started an online fund-raiser that garnered $7,600 from nearly 300 donors as of Saturday afternoon.
    This is kind of an aside.....but I HATE that this happens in America now. Just HATE it. politicians and activists will cry about the poor, and then cheer when a bunch of guilty white people give their money to some loudmouth pseudo-victim.

    Ms. Fields said she was overwhelmed by the response.

    Referring to the Krakoras, she said: “I want to go over there and introduce myself. I want to thank them because they gave my son exposure, but I want them to learn to be open-minded.”
    Fields is the boy's mother and Krakoras are the white neighbors. These people have not met. they do not know a thing about each other. Yet because she's black, the NY times gives press to her opinions, rather than relevant facts. Now the whole country knows that the Krakoras are closed minded and "need to learn" better.

    America in 2018. Thanks progressives.
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    Papa John is a racist??

    Is this even real?

    The guy lost like three jobs over this!
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    "During the call, Schnatter downplayed the severity of his critical comments about the NFL, arguing that KFC founder Colonel Harland Sanders had "called black people [the N-word]" without facing a backlash." - lol

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