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Poker scandal as big as Full Tilt in 2016

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    Angry Poker scandal as big as Full Tilt in 2016

    People r talking abt it. An article from Pokertoke:

    “Someone we know refuses to pay his losing”, informed anonymous claims

    A week ago, Pokertoke was informed about an incident involving a top poker player.

    The anonymous informer said he is a professional poker player with more than a decade of experience and has joined and outlasted to final tables in many main events.

    “L is a liar,” the anonymous added, “but he is respected by many in the circle. He does not deserve it. It’s shit.”

    “L” is no stranger to high-stake tournaments, according to the anonymous informer. L together with a number of you-know-who poker players participated in European Poker Tour (EPT) in Barcelona, Spain. Prior to joining the tournament, “L” invited some of the best and the most famous players, including top German bracelets winner “F”, reputable politician of the European Parliament “T”, online-turned-real life poker millionaire “J” and noted Asian poker pro “E”.

    They each bought in for 400,000 Euros to warm up.

    On a summer day in 2015, the anonymous was introduced to L to a game in a private room in Casino Barcelona. L told the players the chips were borrowed from the casino by him, implying that all the winning and losing had to be settled with him.

    The first session started with 1000/2000 Euros blinds but soon it was increased to 5000/10000 Euros. The anonymous cashed in but soon folded leaving only L and E in the game. L invited E to play heads-up. All the other players witnessed the game.

    After a few rounds, E won almost all the chips on the table, approximately 2.8 million Euros. L won 1.4 million back from him after a few games ending up with a net winning of 1.3 million.

    On the next day, they gathered to play again. There were two more well-known players including co-founders of a charitable foundation “P” and “I”. They played 2000/4000 Euros blinds at first and increased it to 2000/4000/8000. Few rounds later, E won a flip against I and won 1.3 M Euros.

    The 3 biggest and most thrilling pots were played by L and E. The anonymous remembers L raised to 50k Euros for the preflop and E called 150k Euros on the flop of 7-3-3. The next card came a 8 then L went all in for over 800k Euros. E showed his pair of 9-9 but E looked embarrassed and refused to show his cards. Obviously, he was just bluffing.

    E won another million from him.

    In another two big pots, E won another 2 millions. He ended up winning 3 million Euros from L. They counted the chips of each players and others witnessed the whole process.

    “All the equipments, cards, tables, chips and even the card dealer were provided by the Casino Barcelona. It is not possible for anyone to cheat. L refused to pay claiming the games weren’t fair. What a sore loser!”

    The anonymous heard from other players that he would only settle partially because he thought that it was not possible to call him when he was buffing every time and folded when he had the best hands.

    We asked the anonymous who L is. He replied in email “it not hard at all to guess.” He added that the EPA should have disqualified the award to him.

    “I just want to let everyone who respects and loves poker know that we can’t endure such behavior and let this happen again,” the informed person tells us his aim.
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    hello, welcome to flop turn river dot com, please prepare your presentation, you will present august 6 at 1:05 pm eastern time, thank you and god bless.
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    "The informed person tells us his aim."

    Great sentence. I want to play the '90s RPG in which that line should have occurred.
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    Informed is a weird first name
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    what the F

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