We all watched cartoons when we were kids, and somebody of us still watching I hope
Also the some of the famous pictures are cartoon pictures like "Dogs Playing Poker" or my profile picture for example
However, I've got an idea to make my own cartoon avatar so I visited http://avatarmaker.com/ , but there are only few opportunities that are given, so I couldn't create an avatar that looks like me.
I tried to find out something else, and found some websites that can make your custom cartoon portrait or avatar. There are a lot of websites that gives these services, but there are a lot of differences in price and quality.
I found site that makes really great cartoon portraits with really cheap price on http://gocartoonme.com/?ref=13
You can check their portfolio.
They made me really good cartoon portrait, on that how I playing poker, and I am really satisfied from them.
However there are and other sites that create cartoon portraits in many styles, so I want to know and your opinions or examples of this. Have you ever tried to create your custom cartoon portrait or avatar, or have you ever bought it and put it on the poker tables?!