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Old School

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    Default Old School

    I like big pots and I cannot lie
    You other brothers can't deny
    That when a fish limps in and then calls your raise
    or plays any raggedy ace
    you get sprung
    Gotta call that bluff
    'Cause you notice that frush was bust

    Deep in an MT tourney
    I'm takin' 'em out on a gurney
    Baby, I'm gonna check raise ya
    Every time I face ya
    Now you can't get me all in
    'cause those chips you got make Me So Ballin'

    Ooh, set my deuces
    Now we're gonna see who loses
    So call me, call me
    Your strategy is faulty

    I'm gonna drill ya
    like a 500 pound gorilla
    Bet, bet
    I'll smoke ya like a cigarette

    I'm tired of all of them
    They just wanna get ITM
    Take your average Lagg man and ask him that
    You go attack that stack

    so Fellas (Yeah), Fellas (Yeah)
    Has Xianti got da butt (Hell Yeah!)
    Tell him to shake it! (Shake it!) Shake it! (Shake it!)
    Shake that healthy butt!
    Xianti got back!
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    the village should lynch you next
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    This made me want to dance
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    xianti does got back

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