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This movie is crazy

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    Default This movie is crazy

    [00:29] <daven> dc, why not check turn behind
    [00:30] <DC> daven
    [00:30] <DC> on my hand?
    [00:30] <daven> yep
    [00:30] <DC> because I am drunk
    [00:30] <daven> nice reason
    [00:30] <daven> no further questions
    [00:30] <yaawn> ^^Lol

    Problem officer...?
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    I am Queens Blvd.
    That's how winners play; we convince the other guy he's making all the right moves.
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    Apr 2008
    in ur accounts... confiscating ur funz
    No, actually could some mod re-title this the "Do yourself a favor and don't ever watch this piece of shit movie" - thread.
    In my life I have sat through Piranha 3d, Know1ng and Dead Poet Society and took it like a man, but for this one I will wuss out after 10 minutes because I can't take it anymore.
    <- This is a man who has sat through the ENTIRE first episode of season 6 of Dexter earlier in the day.
    The strengh of a hero is defined by the weakness of his villains.
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    Not a fan of Catfish.

    Dead Poet's Society on the other hand...
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    i watched the trailer, and hoped that when they arrive at the farm they get butchered by some psycho or something. but i read the synopsis and was v. disappointed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Donachello View Post
    fun fact of the day, i live in the town where the "catfish lady" lives.

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