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Jordan Peterson Cathy Newman

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    Default Jordan Peterson Cathy Newman

    Did y'all watch this? It's amazing. Biggest thing to happen in the last week too. Start from beginning.

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    As you know, I think Peterson gets to some good end points through flawed methods, and this is a concern because those methods can (and do) lead to bad end points-- but it was great to see the point about the hypocrisy surrounding the right to not be offended go viral. Further, it was good seeing him make his points and not fall into the traps she was setting. Whether I agree with all he has to say or not, I absolutely detest the way pundits will strawman guests live on TV where the playing field is unfair and do it while having this smug air of moral superiority.
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    Jordan Peterson is the typical straight cisgender white male who thinks he has solutions for all of the world's problems because he assumes everyone else in the world is also an oppressor. This is why he cannot comprehend the violence of his words.

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