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The IRC Sticky (Updated 9/17/2010)

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    Default The IRC Sticky (Updated 9/17/2010)

    New Server - now at Espernet, not ThunderCity! Just replace references to ThunderCity here to Espernet


    IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. It's a simple chat interface we use to talk to each other during the day, and it usually has a minimum of 15 players at all times of the day, and typically peaks around 30 players in the evenings/night Eastern time.

    IRC is perfect for people who like talking about poker or talking with poker players, but don't feel like they're reaching their full potential with the forum/bulletin board interface for communication.

    Connecting using mIRC

    YouTube - Connect to #flopturnriver Using mIRC

    Connecting to IRC

    Here are euphoricism's instructions for using the program mIRC to connect:

    Quote Originally Posted by euphoricism
    go to mIRC: Internet Relay Chat client and download/install mIRC. Run it.

    A box will pop up. Create a nickname for youself, and join server, it might be on the server list, it might not. If not, just add it yourself. If it asks for a port put 6660

    When youre connected, then join the channel flopturnriver by typing /join #flopturnriver and/or the ftr poker channel by typing /join #ftrbc
    Connecting to IRC Using a Web Browser

    Alternatively you can go to and after you log in type /join #flopturnriver and/or /join #ftrbc instead of needing to download mIRC

    Two Channels

    Currently we have two channels: #flopturnriver is for the general chat and banter, and #ftrbc is for all poker chat.

    UPDATE: 9/17/2010

    It looks like mIRC has started expiring when it wasn't before, and the website isn't working lately, so here are instructions for using IceChat:

    Go download IceChat: IceChat IRC Client :: IRC Client Extra-Ordinaire :: The Chat Cool People Use

    When it comes up when you run it, on the left click the Add New button and put in, then choose from the list and click connect. After it connects, type /join #flopturnriver in the box and hit enter, and you're there.
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