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interesting penalty

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    Default interesting penalty

    In the first quarter of the UCLA vs Virginia game, UCLA's Adams appeared to return a punt for a TD. It got called back for an interesting penalty. One of UCLA's players had his helmet knocked off during the play. He then proceeded to put it back on and resume play. I guess you can't do that - once the helmet comes off you're out of the play. The announcers said they made this rule last year or something.

    UCLA won the game anyhow but it was closer than I would have liked given the 21 point spread. Neither offense looked good although Virginia stopped giving away points on offense once they made the quarterback change.
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    I'm in the "that's a stupid fucking rule" camp.
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    the idea is to stop guys from wearing loose helmets and remove any question of whether guys should keep playing if it comes off. it's the new post concussion knowledge world. in practice it seems like it gets missed or ignored often.
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    Serves him right for playing with an egg shaped ball.
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    ongies gonna ong

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