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Event Sticky Thread Sticky: Frequently Asked Questions: Forum Moderation

This is a guide for both veteran and new posters provided in an effort to relay FlopTurnRiver forum moderation policies to our posting members. Q:...

Started by dhubermex, 10-02-2014 02:34 AM
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11-01-2014 12:40 AM

Sticky Thread Sticky: Community Digest

Plz link or bump threads which you think should be in the commune digest sticky.

Started by a500lbgorilla, 07-19-2008 08:12 PM
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08-07-2013 06:02 PM

Thumbs up Sticky Thread Sticky: FTR AMA Digest

Here are all of the AMAs that have been held at FTR, sorted by date. Upcoming AMAs Alex Fitzgerald, Poker Pro/Coach: 6/1/2015...

Started by givememyleg, 03-01-2013 05:59 AM
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05-23-2013 01:15 AM

Online Course Recommendations

So I've started my world travels and after two weeks I'm starting to feel a little listless. I'm used to checking off todos all day at work and home...

Started by bigred, 10-05-2016 11:47 PM
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10-07-2016 05:56 AM

What phone should I get?

I haven't carried a phone for quite a while, but I kinda need one for various reasons. I don't have a current plan, so totally open to any...

Started by MadMojoMonkey, 10-04-2016 01:17 AM
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10-05-2016 11:50 PM

The end of the world as we know it

How do you think this will happen? I've ranked the three most likely (in my mind) scenarios. 1. Nuclear winter due to either an accident or some...

Started by Poopadoop, 09-11-2016 12:49 PM
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09-20-2016 11:53 AM

MMM is officially old

I turn 40 today. Do the tennis balls come with the walker, or do you have to buy them separately?

Started by MadMojoMonkey, 09-06-2016 09:21 AM
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09-17-2016 07:09 PM

Making a Murderer

On Episode 4 right now and I've got to say this shit is amazingly unreal. I don't want to spoil anything, but it's in every way worth it. Anyone...

Started by a500lbgorilla, 01-07-2016 07:02 PM
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08-28-2016 03:45 PM

Milton Friedman on government and private enterprise

7 minutes long. Great stuff. Many different points that you may think are cool or stupid. I don't want to sully it with my crappy commentary. ...

Started by wufwugy, 07-01-2016 12:45 AM
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08-21-2016 11:03 AM

Question You are not allowed to [URL] bbcode.

I tried to post to the "Small Stakes NL Hold'em" section, but I get error "You are not allowed to URL bbcode.". Is there any way I could post a whole...

Started by Rubiksmomo, 08-19-2016 02:45 PM
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08-19-2016 03:17 PM

Angry Poker scandal as big as Full Tilt in 2016

People r talking abt it. An article from Pokertoke: “Someone we know refuses to pay his losing”, informed anonymous claims A week ago,...

Started by ace_owner, 08-03-2016 12:13 AM
poker, scandal, shame
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08-07-2016 01:33 AM

Event General Chat Thread (No Debate)

I'm going to try to start a general chat thread with the caveat that there's no debate along the lines of politics, the election, feminism, drugs,...

Started by spoonitnow, 06-10-2016 07:16 PM
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07-29-2016 01:15 AM

Let's talk about the impending apocalypse for a bit.

One of my earliest memories is of me standing in the yard in front of the apartment building I grew up in. My neck hurt from looking up at the moon....

Started by oskar, 07-13-2016 06:37 AM
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07-22-2016 08:34 PM

Let's Talk About Population Control I think this article sums it up. Its very long I shall warn you, so...

Started by Micro2Macro, 12-15-2015 08:36 PM
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06-24-2016 06:11 PM

The problem with gay marriage

In a gay divorce, how is the judge supposed to find a way to be biased against the man?

Started by wufwugy, 06-07-2016 05:12 PM
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06-19-2016 04:04 PM

Max Steinberg doing commentary on WSOP livestream

I like Max's commentary a lot although I disagreed with something he said about Herm. ...

Started by baudib, 06-17-2016 03:21 AM
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06-17-2016 03:21 AM

Ayn Rand Philosophy, Objectivism, Science, Self-interest

Highly recommended. This isn't so much about Ayn Rand, but about related philosophies. Both sections are quite interesting. If you get past the...

Started by wufwugy, 05-06-2016 02:38 PM
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06-13-2016 09:09 AM

NBA Finals

I won a bet with my friend by betting him that that Warriors would advance to the finals over the Thunder after dropping game 1 in the series. There...

Started by Eric, 06-02-2016 05:22 PM
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06-12-2016 09:10 AM

Poll Poll: hot girl poll

Hey guys I am having a debate with a friend and need to know which girl you prefer: Girl 1 Girl 2

Started by donkbee, 09-05-2012 10:41 PM
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06-01-2016 10:48 PM

How do you know you're a person open to reason?

Everybody thinks they're reasonable and that their thoughts are subject to reason, but it seems that few truly are. What do you think are some of...

Started by wufwugy, 05-19-2016 06:34 PM
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05-28-2016 07:08 PM

You Can't Stump the Trump

How is Donald Trump less qualified than Barack Obama's community organizer ass was to be President of the United States?

Started by spoonitnow, 08-25-2015 05:44 PM
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05-28-2016 07:07 PM

The Principle of Non-aggression

How is he right? How is he wrong?

Started by a500lbgorilla, 05-20-2016 03:53 PM
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05-28-2016 07:05 PM

Quote Thread

Post your favorite quote. "It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds...

Started by !Luck, 10-23-2015 01:44 AM
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05-11-2016 09:56 PM

Help me construct a new worldview

I'm thinking: "People are fundamentally stupid. Take advantage of them."

Started by wufwugy, 05-03-2016 08:34 PM
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05-06-2016 05:07 PM

*** Official Global Warming Thread ***

I guarantee that our only hope is geoengineering artificial trees and reforestation. Before biofuels and wind/solar/nuclear are up to economic par,...

Started by wufwugy, 09-03-2009 04:25 AM
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04-21-2016 03:45 PM

Why don't people hate Jaime Lannister?

No spoilers. He bangs his sister, is a terrible father, and murders people in cold blood. Yet everybody loves him and many envy him. This...

Started by wufwugy, 03-28-2016 04:25 PM
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04-19-2016 01:43 AM

Make your case: transgender, transracial

The contemporary social narrative is that it's right to accept transgender as a fundamental truth but not transracial. Is the reasoning used good or...

Started by wufwugy, 04-13-2016 03:25 PM
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04-17-2016 12:02 AM

Teaching a Kid to Ride a Bike

I came across this and thought I'd share. Any other thoughts on the topic?

Started by spoonitnow, 03-26-2016 09:23 AM
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04-05-2016 09:40 AM

Mythbusting white privilege

Quality stuff. Rapid fire deconstruction of the typical statistics and rationales used to claim that, institutionally, whites are privileged and...

Started by wufwugy, 03-26-2016 03:58 PM
Replies: 41 Views: 5,164
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03-28-2016 03:03 PM

Help: Weird Computer Problem [NSFW in Spoilers]

I probably should just post this on some tech forum, but I figured I'd see if anyone had any theories here first. For years now my desktop has had...

Started by boost, 03-16-2016 11:33 PM
Replies: 8 Views: 1,750
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03-25-2016 01:56 PM

Video Immigration Thread

This is a big topic right now in both the United States and Europe, and there's not really a dedicated thread for it.

Started by spoonitnow, 11-15-2015 03:09 PM
Replies: 17 Views: 3,396
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03-22-2016 02:25 PM

Video Come Join Me in the New FTR Chat Room

Hey guys, The various threads in the community forum are great and all, but it's difficult for me to keep up with the conversations that are going...

Started by spoonitnow, 02-15-2016 07:34 AM
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03-21-2016 06:13 PM

A Song of Ice and Fire ***MAJOR SPOILERS from a game of thrones up to TWOW***

WARNING: This thread will contain major, huge, wtf spoilers from the Song of Ice and Fire book series. DO NOT READ if you have not read the books...

Started by JKDS, 04-07-2012 03:21 PM
7 Pages
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03-14-2016 03:38 PM

brainteaser card puzzle

Take one suit from the deck and arrange it so the cards will appear in sequential order when one turns the top card face up, puts the next card on...

Started by Eric, 03-11-2016 10:54 PM
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03-13-2016 12:46 AM

Dark Tower Movie - actors revealed

So Idris Elba will be playing Roland Deschain. Not sure how I feel about that. I mean the guys a great actor, but I wanted someone who looked like...

Started by rong, 03-02-2016 10:48 AM
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03-06-2016 11:52 AM

Driving speeds

I read an article this morning that got me wondering. Assuming a duel carriage way / motor way / freeway, which in the UK is a 70mph limit, and...

Started by rong, 02-25-2016 04:13 AM
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03-02-2016 11:11 PM

long bets

Buffett was talking about on CNBC again recently. He's doing well with his $1 million bet that an s&p 500 index fund will beat a...

Started by Eric, 02-29-2016 10:37 PM
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02-29-2016 10:37 PM

Official Memes and Fun Shit Thread

The normal threads we're all talking in are always so heavy and serious, so let's do something more fun. ...

Started by spoonitnow, 02-19-2016 11:43 AM
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02-22-2016 10:28 AM

Harrahs New Orleans

Checked out Harrahs New Orleans over the weekend. Someone told me they have to pay $50 million per year to be the only casino in town. Like...

Started by Eric, 02-11-2016 06:19 PM
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02-14-2016 07:45 PM

Event Superbowl Squares 2016 (Grid Posted)

I'm hosting another Superbowl square league this year (here is last years). I'm late posting this and only have 28 left, so get 'em while they're...

Started by givememyleg, 02-01-2016 04:31 PM
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02-08-2016 12:02 AM

help me with birthday present plz

Okay guys here's the deal. I need period jokes, jokes about women and/or sexist jokes as a part of a birthday present for this chick I'm seeing. They...

Started by spoonitnow, 01-01-2013 03:37 PM
Replies: 39 Views: 4,716
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01-25-2016 05:21 PM

Cracked Aces

The definition given for cracked aces is (Aces lose to an inferior hand like 7-2 and up). I ran into a problem last night in our Monday Night...

Started by atoz4933, 01-19-2016 05:06 PM
Replies: 4 Views: 1,090
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01-20-2016 09:45 AM

The problem with Islam

Every time people point out extremism in Islam, others say "it's not the majority". Bullshit. It is the majority. The religion teaches values that...

Started by wufwugy, 12-29-2015 01:40 AM
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01-16-2016 07:22 PM

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