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Going Pro - Gonna show the world my poker moves

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    Default Going Pro - Gonna show the world my poker moves

    Hello everyone new here and wanted to say hi.

    Look forward to meeting other players and members of the community.I am here to take my game to the next level and show the world & community my poker skills.

    Will also be posting new threads about my game and poker stories.

    See you all soon at the tables.

    Johnny Cabral Screen Name JBCD71
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    himself fucker.

    Win like a Champion.
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    soaking up ethanol, moving on up
    Quote Originally Posted by JBCD71 View Post
    Going Pro - Gonna show the world my poker moves
    respect. obviously.
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    a little town called none of your goddamn business
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    Being confident and resolute is definitely a large part of being successful, so I say if you've got that along with dedication to work on your game, then give it a try.

    I look forward to keeping up with your progress and hopefully we'll see you here on the boards frequently in poker discussions.

    Best of luck!
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    Blog Page?
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    Good luck with your Goal(s) !

    There are so many pros out there, it will not be easy !

    Do you have a niche or something?

    A blog would be really nice, indeed.

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