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Game of Thrones TV Thread **HBO-Purists ONLY**

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    My thing with Mannis is I love me some tragedy and he is true tragedy. D&D did him wrong. D&D didn't like Mannis. They didn't get that he isn't a bad guy but that he has a tragic fate that he cannot escape. He is Oedipus.
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    your mom is Oedipal
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    I'm landing harder on Jaime as true hero.

    The people most responsible for the problems with the walkers? The two heroes, Dany and Jon. If not for them, the walkers would be stuck north of the wall like normal. The Prince (Princess) Who Was Promised? Yeah, for the fucking Night King. To give him a dragon.

    I still can't see how Bran plays into this. But the true hero, Jaime, did try to kill him in the very beginning. If Bran is the NK, then the theory of Jaime as true hero is untouchable.

    The visions, the prophecies, all a ploy by some combination of Bran/Bloodraven/Night King/Children to get that ice dragon. If Bran really is NK and since Jon/Dany are responsible for the calamity, Jaime will be the one to kill Bran/NK in the end, which makes the story come full circle from episode fucking one.
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    there are many sides to the army of the dead carnage.
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    I had a post here.. now it's gone.. the fuck?

    Anyways, Stannis is prob my favorite show character, and he by far has the best music.
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    lol i might have accidentally deleted your post instead of my *nods response.

    if so sorry. i really thought i deleted mine though. oh well
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    I was so happy when I didn't have to watch Stannis anymore.
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    Oh, I forgot you have godmode.

    Can we ban baudib? His opinions are triggering.
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    Didn't Benjen Stark say he couldn't follow Bran all the way to Castle Black because there is some kind of magic property to the wall that forces him, and the white walkers, to stay away?

    But Night King and Ice Dragon can get right up close, no problem?

    Also, what the fuck happened to the wall? Don't tell me it was "melted". Everything we know about the Walkers/Wights says that their body chemistry makes it impossible for any of these creatures to conjure up flames.

    Honestly I was expecting the breach of the wall to be a lot more dramatic. I mean, if it was this easy....why didn't they do it before?

    If you're gonna say, "dragon", ok then. But that means that they were actually truly trapped beyond the wall, and all anyone had to do to protect the realm was NOT give them a dragon. Sounds like they could have just sealed the tunnels, disbanded the Night's Watch, and never given it another thought.

    I feel like the show has been very patiently exposing the threat from the dead. They were just a vague nightmare to most people through like 5 and a half seasons. By the end of season 6 though, we were led to believe that they were a massive, imminent, and potentially unstoppable threat. Now, just a season later we find out they were actually completely powerless but for Jon's brilliant idea to go wight-hunting?
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    The Wall holds back teh walkers because magic. The dragons are magic. The wight dragon defeats the Wall because magic. It's genre standard.

    Humans being the product of their own demise is something GRRM likes to write about. He also likes to write about people being fooled. The Wall still standing if not for the "heroes" is irony. Them being tricked by visions and prophecies is irony.
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    Quote Originally Posted by baudib View Post
    I was so happy when I didn't have to watch Stannis anymore.
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    Euron is FUCKED

    I think I love D&D now. There is no way they didn't do this on purpose. Theon's got Ser Twenty of House Goodmen on his side now. Fucking unstoppable.
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    btw boost i really am sorry about deleting your post. it would probably irritate me on a subliminal level if somebody deleted one of my posts, even if by accident. i want to make sure you know im sorry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wufwugy View Post
    btw boost i really am sorry about deleting your post. it would probably irritate me on a subliminal level if somebody deleted one of my posts, even if by accident. i want to make sure you know im sorry.
    Ha, I get your concern, but don't worry. It was a bit of a weird mindfuck, but I figured it was just a glitch, either in the internet or in my head. It just being a glitch in your proficiency with the UI is more reassuring than either of the possibilities I was considering.

    Although, now that you've got me thinking, this is a sick spot to subtly flex your godmode-- My post was one which was affirming your point of view, and then one that is necessary for your subsequent posts to even make sense. It also was a short enough post to be throw away. So it never looks like you did it intentionally, and being a throw away posts, it's not something I'd actually get bothered by, yet it sends a clear message regarding your abilities.

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    I can't believe how few main-ish characters got killed this last season. Now there's only one season left and so many characters left to kill.

    My predictions follow.....

    Jon - Doesn't die

    Dany - Dies having Jon's baby

    Davos - Does not die

    Theon - Dies protecting yara somehow. I know it's kind of a tired cliche, but there's two many man/woman pairings for this not to show up. No one cares about either of these characters anymore I don't think. The cool twists will be reserved for better characters.

    Yara - Lives and no one gives a shit.

    Tyrion - He lives

    Cersei - Killed by Tyrion

    Jamie - Lives. Secondary long shot dark horse prediction.....he dies in a "tie" with the Hound

    Qyburn - Burned by dragons

    The mountain - Killed by the Hound, obviously

    The Hound - Him sacrificing himself to protect Arya feels too obvious and lame. I'm guessing he lives. Secondary long shot dark horse prediction.....he dies in a "tie" with Jamie.

    Tormund - In a season with no 'big' deaths, they had a golden opportunity to kill this guy off and they didn't. He'll be important to the plot somehow next season. It's kinda late in the game for the show to start a whole new love story between him and Brienne. I'm guessing he's the first major casualty of the Walker invasion

    Brienne - Lives

    Bronn - Killed by Brienne

    Jorah - Sacrifices himself to wights in order to secure an escape for others. Dies Hodor-style.

    Beric - Who cares?

    Edd - He clearly wants to die. But won't.

    Melisandre - Davos avenges Shireen

    Ilyn Payne - Arya has to get at least one more from her list. She's like 2 for 11 so far.

    Night King - Is really Bran; killed by Arya

    Bran - sacrifices himself to save the world.

    Drogon and Rheagal - They fuck

    Grey Worm - Marches the unsullied from Casterly Rock just in time to save the day. He lives

    Missandei - Definitely lives and probably gets promoted to Warden of something.

    Podrick - Lives to rule Essos with his massive cock.

    Sansa - Lives

    Arya - Lives. It seems like BS that they would spend all this time and effort building Arya into the sicko-assassin that she is, and then have her basically do nothing. She had 11 names on her list. Joffrey, Cersei, Illyn Payne, Meryn Trant, Melisandre, Beric, Thoros, The Hound, The Mountain, Tywin Lannister, and Walder Frey. She only got two of them. Five are still alive. She'll probably get Illyn, maybe Beric. But ultimately I think it's Arya who wins the final battle against Bran/NightKing
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    oh...and Euron. That's how Theon dies protecting Yara. He takes Euron with him.
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    Theon has to have a huge payoff. It can't be just saving Yara, because who gives a fuck about Yara. They dragged us through 5 season and hours upon hours of pointlessness, following Theon waddle around the seven kingdoms. He has to do something big.

    Euron irritates the fuck out of me. It's an actors idea of a villain. It's all the jerks you had to deal with as an intern at office depot rolled into one. It's not a believable character. Yeah that guy is a jerk and talks big, but when it comes down to it he can't even calculate the sale price before taxes. This kind of guy can't get anything done, and anyone can and will look through their bullshit. I was so happy that they offed littlefinger and now this guy is the new danger? fuck off!
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    The strengh of a hero is defined by the weakness of his villains.
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    Agreed with that Euron description.

    GRRM is writing him as the quintessential embodiment of masculine human evil. D&D are, uh, not.
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    Like Sansa, I think Euron is smarter than all of you guise think.

    It's not true that he can't get anything done, he basically is the only one (besides Qyburn) on Cersei's side who can get things done. He brought done half the rebellion singlehandedly.
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    I've got Euron betraying everybody and siding with the NK. Or something.
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    Jon kills Dany
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    Quote Originally Posted by oskar View Post
    Theon has to have a huge payoff
    No he doesn't. He burned little kids man. He chopped off Ser Rodrick's head and fucked up Winterfell. He's irredeemable. I don't see much glory in the cards for Theon other than to finally do something to pay back his sister for all she's done for him.

    On another note, I'm changing my prediction for Jamie. I must have missed something my first watch through, but upon a second look, he's quite obviously left Team-Cersei. He's becoming a "good guy", so I suspect he will live.

    I've noticed that the show tends to turn bad characters good if they plan to let them live, and good characters bad if they plan to kill them off.

    Example: Meryn Trant. It's not his fault Joffrey was a psycho. But he's a kingsguard and he does what he's told or they chop his head off. Can't really blame the guy for following orders. And if Syrio decided to be a hero for Arya, that's on him. I don't see how we can blame Mr. Trant for doing his duty. But Arya did, and when it came time for her to kill him, suddenly Mr. Trant isn't so honorable. Now that he has to die, we found out that he's a sexual deviant who likes to brutalize adolescent girls. Like...where the fuck did that come from??

    Pycell seemed like a nice old man, then suddenly became slimy just before he died. Tormund was the psycho who led murder-raids south of the Wall. Then he became part of the plot, now he's a teddy bear.

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