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    Thumbs up FTR AMA Digest

    Here are all of the AMAs that have been held at FTR, sorted by date.

    Upcoming AMAs

    Alex Fitzgerald, Poker Pro/Coach: 6/1/2015

    Previous AMAs

    Chris Moneymaker, Team PokerStars: 5/5/2015

    Jaime Staples, Team PokerStars: 4/20/2015

    Jason Mercier, Team PokerStars: 3/31/2014

    Joe Stapleton, Poker Commentator: 11/20/2013

    Barry Greenstein, Team PokerStars: 11/9/2013

    Matt Stout, Poker Pro: 9/30/2013

    Jason Somerville, Poker Pro: 8/5/2013

    Matt Savage, Tournament Director: 6/30/2013

    Norman Chad, Poker Commentator: 6/14/2013

    Joe Barnard, Director of UK Poker Federation: 5/13/2013

    Simon Trumper, ISPT Tournament Director: 5/4/2013

    Jared Tendler, Author & Poker Mental Coach: 5/1/2013

    Gabe Patgorski, FTR Legend & Poker Pro: 4/25/2013

    Greg Raymer, Pro Poker Player & WSOP Main Event Winner 2004: 3/27/13

    Zach Elwood, Author of Reading Poker Tells: 2/21/13

    Daniel Negreanu, Team PokerStars: 12/12/12

    Renton, FTR Legend & Pro Poker Player: 11/7/12

    Max Steinberg, FTR Legend & Pro Poker Player: 10/30/12

    BryanS, PokerStars Tournament Team: 10/17/12
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    i like this idea.
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    Greg Raymer's AMA added!
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    Lightbulb first time

    Hey dudes, long time no see! How yall doin? Wasn't sure where else to post this but I'll pay with tits and ass.

    Just logged into my FTP account for the first time since Black Friday to check the security of my funds (US player). My account balance shows 0.00. So I checked my past transactions and there is the withdrawal for 1K I made a couple hours after the domain seizure that never made it to my bank account. I had left something like 550 in the account after I realized how fucked things were. My FTP points are still there so it's not like they wiped my account and there's no transaction listed for the other money.

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