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FTR AMA: Daniel Negreanu from Team PokerStars, Dec 12 @ 6 PM ET (Closed)

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    Here I am again! Hey Daniel, what Bankroll (amount of BIs) would you recommend to start playing Live MTTs of 50-150 players? The structure is pretty standard, maybe a little bit Turbo.. Thanks!
    Pablo Paglayan - Argentina
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    Oh, one more about Live poker.. What do you think is more profitable and better to start a carreer.. Playing Online where you can put in much more volume + you have low rake, or playing Live where those 2 things don't happen, BUT you have an environment with many MANY fishes playing higher stakes?? Thanks again!
    Pablo Paglayan - Argentina
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    If there was one specific hand you could go back and change the way you played, which would it be and why?
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    Default ducal scoupq

    Do you think it was a good idea for Colorado to legalize the casual use of marijuana? Do you think there will be an huge influx of new residents in the state?
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    Have you considered giving charity to countries outside of the States?
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    Default hi daniel

    Hi Daniel,
    if your kids would like to start a carrier as a professional poker player, what would you say?
    and if you would not be a PokerPro, what would be your profession?
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    Less than 24 hours to go until this event starts!
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    Default hi daniel

    What is the one hand you've played that you'd like to replay if you had the chance? Why?
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    Daniel do you think that the rivalry between poker players can evolve into bullying? Have you ever been bullied?
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    Have you ever had to play against a competitor you didn’t like? And have you ever played in tournament along with that player? Did you decide not to play or did you play normally?
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    Default ningueIP inaccurate

    What do you think the truth is as it relates to Area 51? Myth? Cover up? Other?
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    Default My question!

    Hi there, Kiddo! Do you, either by yourself, or by Poker Stars, consider create a "full video course" from that mission you've entered, from a dollar or so, to $10,000? You've left that in the middle... That would be nice!


    Márcio Guerra
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    Default softgre sergeant

    I know it’s common for professional players to be staked in high-dollar events such as the Big One for One Drop tournament that kicked off this year’s 2012 WSOP. What I’m curious about, though, is whether players have a tendency to play differently when someone else’s money is at risk. I’m also wondering about whether or not you think that it’s appropriate for players to adjust their styles when they’re staked since the people sponsoring them probably banked on both their table presence and playing style.
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    When you play in a social setting outside of a casino, do you play any differently? For instance, if you were to go to someone’s home game, would you play with the same intensity that you ordinarily play with at a table lined with professionals? Or, would you adjust your game and temper your aggressiveness knowing that you could simply re-buy all night? I guess what I want to know…do you view poker as the means to paying your bills even when you are in a social setting?
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    Many times we have heard players talk with fear about gay people and everything that has to do with their sexuality being against their manhood. How would you treat a fellow player that you know is gay?
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    Many of your fellow poker pro players have been on TV shows. Have you ever considered appearing in a show or reality show like Annie Duke or Vanessa Rousso?
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    Default uneLypr Highland's

    Tie Domi vs. Joey Korcur, who remains on his blades?
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    I think you are one of the nicest people in the poker industry. Are you involved in any charity apart from that tournament organized by other people?
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    At the bar drinking whisky with an "e"
    Daniel, my wife would like to have your babies. Would you like to make babies with her?
    “Right thoughts produce right actions and right actions produce work which will be a material reflection for others to see of the serenity at the center of it all”

    Put hero on a goddamn range part II- The 6max years

    Quote Originally Posted by d0zer View Post
    start using your brain more and vagina less

    Quote Originally Posted by kingnat View Post
    Members who's signature is a humorous quote about his/herself made by someone who is considered a notable member of the FTR community to give themselves a sense of belonging.
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    Poker is one of those industries that allows players to participate no matter their age is Do you think that some of the older players should step aside and allow younger players to be in the spot light?
    I am your Father...
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    Holy shit, did someone post about this AMA on a freetroll forum?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jyms View Post
    Holy shit, did someone post about this AMA on a freetroll forum?
    DN tweeted it.
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    Hi Daniel !!!
    First of all I want to say I'm in love with you !!!
    I can't believe you are going to read my message !!!
    and best of all: answer my questions !!!

    I admire the way you talk, I mean u talk honestly and without fear.


    Some of us, before entering the online poker world, did some research to see where we were going to deposit our money. If it was all a scam, if poker sites invested in some sort of security, if there were rigged bots from the own site in tourneys that collected the players money... Considering that mobs were related to gambling from the beginning i thought online poker room owners weren't exactly Mother Teresa of Calcutta... all kinds of stuff came to my head...

    I have played in PokerStars and didn't find anything irregular. I think it's a safe site.

    After the Absolute Poker Cheating Scandal where there was a player that could see hole cards, I began doubting if this happened in the old administration of Full Tilt Poker too.

    So I started to check the profit highstakes graphs of some players in www . highstakesdb . com

    In a normal profit graph the player should have ups and downs like this one on pokerstars:
    0Human0 on Pokerstars - Poker Player Ignat Liviu

    Your highstake profit graph on pokerstars:
    KidPoker on Pokerstars - Poker Player Daniel Negreanu

    Gus Hansen's profit graph on Old Full Tilt
    Gus Hansen on Full Tilt Poker - Poker Player Gustav Hansen

    And here is Phil Ivey's highstakes profit graph on old Full Tilt poker site:
    Phil Ivey on Full Tilt Poker - Poker Player Phil Ivey

    Isn't it suspicious that he never had big downswing in all those years? ... someone that likes playing dices in casinos...

    Considering that Full Tilt Poker was a Ponzi Scheme I think we have the right to be at least a little suspicious about if someone used his account to play seeing the hole cards.

    I know he's your friend and that you defended him in the scandal.

    Do you think that something similar to what happened in Absolute Poker could had been happening in old Full Tilt Poker?

    Do you think Howard "The Professor" Lederer, Ray Bitar or Chris "Jesus" Ferguson would be capable of doing something like that?

    Last edited by Laurita; 12-12-2012 at 06:56 PM.
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    Why don't you play much online in pokerstars?

    Here it says you have played only 142 games in stars this year
    KidPoker Poker Rankings on pokerstars , 2012. Any Tournament.
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    Have you ever thought about opening your own poker site? It seems that latterly there are many players who have been looking to gain much more by investing and making their own sites profitable. Is this something that has ever crossed your mind?
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    Hi Daniel, I'm a big fan of you and very happy for this opportunity

    You told once that you are at the beginning of your poker time. Often invited to big rounds wast. Until you recognize that you lose most. And that's why everyone wanted to play with you. You are now a brilliant player. I think the best of all.

    What was the decisive factor with you, that you have not poker left off, rather you helped to become a brilliant shark?

    You've made ​​the leap from average players and fish, to a great poker player. What important tip (mental?) you can give us on the way? To help us, from losing players to become a bit of money winning players?

    Many thanks. And sorry for my bad english
    PS: if I ever have the fortune to sit with you at a poker table. After I've lost. I would like to drink a beer with you
    Last edited by Dorian; 12-12-2012 at 03:54 AM.
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    what's your FAVORITE alcoholic drink? Do you like cocktails?
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    What's with slowrolling the poor asian dude in this commercial and making him sweat?

    Have you ever been a total ass at the table? A Hellmuth moment perhaps?

    Quote Originally Posted by sauce123
    I don't get why you insist on stacking off with like jack high all the time.
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    What’s your favorite movie? Do you have any “guilty pleasure movies” that you would rather keep to yourself?
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    Hey D!! please please please answer my question!! just 1 lol, I really will try to only do this one for you to answer it Do you think that with all the new regulations the poker business is becoming a monopoly? Or do you think everything will be just as before?
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    Do you practice developing your extra sensory powers? Have you done any course?
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    hi daniel
    im a big fan of yours and love 2 watch u play.
    was wondering if u would give some private tutoring in poker ?
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    Less than 12 hours to go until this event starts!
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    Berlin, Germany
    What do you personally consider as your greatest success?
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    What do you like doing in your free time?
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    Hi Daniel,

    what about the dark-site of beeing a poker player. Did you ever regret to go this way?
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    David Williams bought a seat in the Main Event for his mother...Why don't you buy one for your mom?
  38. #113
    What's your favorite vacation place? Do you think other places like, for instance, Costa Rica will become major attractions if they legalize marijuana?
    En busca de los fish del mundo...
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    Many of the more experienced poker players are considered legends by some people in the industry. Many have named you on that list. Do you consider yourself a legend?
  40. #115
    What is the hardest part of being a professional poker player? The swings, the time to spare, the long hours, the consistency?
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    If the world ended on December 21st, what would you do? What would your bucket list be?
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    Many of the more experienced poker players are considered legends by some people in the industry. Many have named you on that list. Do you consider yourself a legend?
  43. #118
    Do you sometimes need long breaks from playing Poker?
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    What is your biggest pet peeve at the table? Someone chewing with their mouth open? Smacking their gum? Something else? What annoys you the most when you're away from the table? Getting cut off in traffic? Being stopped for autographs? Something else?
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    Do you ever get tired of playing Poker?
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    Less than 6 hours to go until this event starts!
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    how will poker be regulated in the united states 3 yrs from now

    whats your best tip for a player trying to get better
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    Ishpeming, Michigan.
    If you could meet one famous person that you haven't already met, who would it be and why?
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    Less than 3 hours to go until this event starts!
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    Ciudad Bolivar - Venezuela
    -. You talk a lot in the tables, is to get information, but also makes it to distract the other players.

    -. What is the best strategy to try to find out what cards your opponents have.

    -. Tournaments which the player in 2013.

    -. You always have the same strategy for playing live and online.

    -. What do you think of the current and future poker.
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    hi Daniel
    do you think usa will ever get to go back to playing on pokerstars and fulltilt??
    i miss them so much
    good luck to you in life and at the tables
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    Let's get DEEP!

    What is your philosophy and general outlook on life? Do you have any opinions or beliefs on what this is all about, where it came from, or what one should do with their limited time here? What is reality to you?
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    (1) Where's the value in playing on shows like PAD/High Stakes Poker that is chalked full of pros? Do you, as well as all others at the table, feel they actually have an edge in that game? Are some of the pros just incorrect in thinking they have an edge in those games against other top pros?

    (2) Do you do any study/review/etc to keep your game improving? If so, what? If not, why not?

    (3) Who gives you the most trouble at the table (live or online)? Whether they just run insanely well against you, or play really well against you.

    (4) Worst downswing of your career? How did you handle it?

    Thanks for doing this.
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    Daniel, here are some more questions..

    1. You talk a LOT at the Poker tables. Is that only to extract information from the other players, or also to distract them?

    2. What 'strategy' do you believe is the best to have the most accurate read possible on your opponents?

    3. Which events are you planing to play on 2013?

    4. Do you have the same strategy when playing Live and Online, or is there any difference in your game?

    5. What do you think about the Poker world nowadays, and how do you think the game will evolve in the future?

    Pablo Paglayan - Argentina
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    What is the most extreme place you have played poker (top of a skyscraper, underground 8-game in Sri Lanka with the local mafia, etc.)?
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    Lighting sweet moneys on fire.
    Do you regret that you didn't fold your sixes full vs Gus on HSP or do you still think that it was just a "pretty bad cooler"?

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    Less than one hour to go until this event starts!
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    What do you think about girls getting a tramp stamp with your autograph on their back?

    Thanks for all the Twitter updates! how about a follow?
    3 3 3 I'm only half evil.
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    Dec 2007
    Ishpeming, Michigan.
    What is the most influential moment of your career, without which your career would most likely go in a different direction?
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    Hello Daniel, no questions from me! I just want to say that I really admire you and I think you are one of the few players that can act cool without being disrespectful to the rest of the mortals!! just keep like that
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnBoyWWFC View Post
    In on epic thread.

    Do you think players have the right to disallow certain people from certain games just like Annie Duke did with the Epic Poker League? If not, do you think the petition against Howard Lederer in a certain Vegas casino is fair? What is the difference between the two situations in your view?
    I think casinos disallowing players based on anything but cheating is a very slippery slope. I don't think its the casino's responsibility to bar players from casinos for being shady, unless there is evidence that they are cheating at poker.

    As for the EPL, I thought the ethics committee was a good idea in theory, but overstepped their boundaries when it came to people's personal finances and loans or debts they may owe.
    Daniel Negreanu of Team PokerStars
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    Quote Originally Posted by givememyleg View Post
    If you could go back 10 years what would you have done differently in your poker career?
    I would have made sure that I stayed up to date with all the latest innovations in poker, namely online poker, so that I never felt like I was behind the learning curve. Also, I wouldn't sacrifice my skill level to focus so much on the media/business side of the game. I would have made sure I practiced and studied the game on a regular basis. I am doing that religiously now, and it's super important to continue to learn from your peers, even if they are half your age.
    Daniel Negreanu of Team PokerStars
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    Default departed cilityFr

    Daniel, you've always been pretty hard on Hellmuth's abilities (in a frank way). Do you think he's adjusted his game significantly in the last two years? Why has he had such remarkable success these past two WSOP's-- what do you detect about his game that has changed? Thanks in advance.
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    Welcome to KidPoker! Thanks for doing the AMA!
  65. #140
    He's hereeeeeeeee! (sun)
  66. #141
    When are you going to come to Petawawa (biggest military base in Canada) and do a charity tournament. You and Julian Austin -- him music you cards.. and who ever else I could get to be involved.?? So when?? Fallen Soldiers Canadian.
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    Welcome Daniel!!! thanks for the answers!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MadMojoMonkey View Post
    You have entertained and educated me countless times. My dad and I talk about your epic hand reading abilities and great sense of humor whenever we talk poker. Thank you for putting a smile on my dad's face (and mine) time and again.

    There are so many -EV aspects to playing on TV... why do it?

    What do the players get offered to play on TV poker shows?

    I mean, you're not actors (well...), but you are the cast of the show, so is there an hourly wage you earn while filming?

    Are (Were? *sigh*) the TV cash games and shows like Poker After Dark & The Big Game rake free?

    What is the greatest challenge to the poker community right now?

    What can we, as players, do to improve the poker world?

    Your thoughts on Open Face Chinese Poker?
    It's important to be a part of the TV shows to help promote the game. I feel like I can help in that regard so it's important to me that I do that.

    We were paid for HSP and other shows but that's not always the case. $1200 an hour is about the standard rate.

    All rake free.

    Biggest challenge is legislation in the US.

    As players, we can reach out to legislators and let them know we want the freedom to play poker at home in our underwear!
    Daniel Negreanu of Team PokerStars
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    What do think of the no dealer tables at Casinos like Woodbine?
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    St Louis, MO
    Quote Originally Posted by KidPoker View Post
    As players, we can reach out to legislators and let them know we want the freedom to play poker at home in our underwear!
    I'm on it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jyms View Post
    Bob McKowen on the Fan590 here in TO was calling you out to play HU during a conversation about the Montreal WPT event yesterday. Think you could come knock his cocky ass down a peg or two? hehe.

    also, what's the consensus amongst the pros for a new albeit smaller poker boom if the american casinos get their party poker skins?
    I love Bob McCowan! I'd happily play him Consensus is that sure, with more advertising options as well as it being easier to get funds online, that would certainly create a bit of a boom.
    Daniel Negreanu of Team PokerStars
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    Look at all the wimmenz you've attracted with your presence, Daniel! I think the question is obvious.
    Last edited by surviva316; 12-12-2012 at 07:11 PM.
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    How satisfied were you with the White House’s response to the petition submitted by the Poker Players Alliance re legalizing online poker in the US?
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    Quote Originally Posted by surviva316 View Post
    You're known for having a knack for putting people on very specific hands. Did the popularization of combinatrics and ranges and all that stuff ever make you rethink your approach, or do you still pretty much stick to the instincts and "feel" involved in how granular you are with your hand reads?

    Also, are do you often "level" people by lying about what you think your opponent has, or are your poker soliloquies pretty much just you thinking your actual process through out loud?

    Finally, what are your thoughts on young hot-shot online players? Anyones in particular you have respect for? Any specific thoughts on nutsinho (it's my understanding you guys used to hook up a lot at 6m tables on PS)?
    Well, even when I do call out people's hands, I'm essentially breaking down ranges and when I call out a specific hand it's because that is the most likely hand in their range based on my read. As you have seen, sometimes I'll call out a player's hand, but call anyway even though I'm beat! The reason for that is based on the pot odds I'm often getting, and even though I think I'm beat, I'm not 100% sure. So for example, if I'm 70% sure they have it, but the pot is laying me 5-1 odds, I still would call the bet because I think bluffs represent 30% of their range which is still profitable in the long run.

    I don't really use lying there actually.

    I have respect for TONS of them, just to name a few Tom Marchese, nutsinho, and Phil Galfond. I've discussed poker with all these guys and actually had a very valuable training session with Nutsinho, Marchese, and Bill Reynolds in Monte Carlo a couple years ago. Was very helpful.
    Daniel Negreanu of Team PokerStars
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    Default ftp

    If you were asked to run the new ftp site.....who in your opinion best would you hire as a poker pro to re launch the brand and why

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