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    Nice. I'm a way off that kind of money but for now I'm happy enough, I'm up to 7m in safesun now. Each million is like $50 at current price so it's a nice little earner this is. I've put in a sell order in case it pumps overnight.
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    ongies gonna ong
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    theres about $175 (probably nearer $190 when its paid) ready for this weeks mining payout at the moment as well to go into that wallet tomorrow

    edit . the mining cards cost me £1500 and the eth they've mined is currently worth £2450 and could sell the cards for at least 2k at the moment ..Still got at least 10 weeks before the london hard fork cuts the mining rewards so potentially another £1200 at current prices.
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    Essentially this is what i'm doing , working outthe range thatthe currency is trading in and then seeing how often i can exploit peaks and troughs, setting a fallback position in case the price drops and running a % of each buy trade on to take advantage of breaks out of the trading range

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